Tuesday, 30 December 2008

No knitting Update

But since I've been a bad blogger, I'll share the view from my bedroom window at sunrise on Monday. It was a lot prettier in person, but my little camera just can't capture that.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Iz Really Bad Blogger

I would really like to keep this blog up because I enjoy writing for it, but at the moment, I'm not only short of time, I'm short of fodder. Knitting is really boring right now and most of it is for other people, so I can't blog about that. Life is equally as boring as well as a bit hectic, so you don't really want to hear about that. There's lots of prepping for my vacation and my new job at work and prepping for Christmas and vacation at home going on. So the long and the short of it is that I haven't really got the time or creativity to create anything worth reading right now and since the only thing worse than no blog is a really boring blog, I've decided to officially put this on hiatus. I'll be back sometime after my upcoming trip to England - worst case scenario, next year.

Have a good Christmas season all!