Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Randomness - Again

Last Friday, my Interweave FINALLY showed up. This made me a rather happy bunny. I would have liked to have read it over lunch, but it poured down with rain all day, so I took the dogs for a walk instead of just out to the field. This edition is fabulous. There are several things I would like to do, but know I won’t have time for. I will put it aside for future reference though. I might get to them some day.

I finally finished my ankle socks, which I’m really pleased with. They are terribly comfortable as well as gorgeous and I can’t wait until it gets cold enough to wear them.

I also finished another of the Falling Water scarves only in light blue this time. It’s going to be a raffle prize for one of my Internet communities.

Finally, I started a drop stitch scarf for a special project, which has yet to be announced. It’s not the most pleasant thing to knit and I’m a little worried that it will still look wonky after blocking and that it won’t be long enough, by my friend Inkysticks assures me it will all turn out alright in the end, so I’m putting my faith in her superior knowledge.

After that, I have 27 different things to cast on. Fortunately I’m working against a deadline right now, so I can resist the temptation to start too many things at once.

Just because, I’m going to throw in a picture of the old man of the house. He really is getting rather grey in the nose. He’s also started on the senile “I want to spend 5 hours sniffing this one flower thankyouverymuch” thing, which is annoying when I have to get to work on time in the mornings. I wonder what I’m going to do with him when he gets really old. I might have to get 2 sets of roller skates, put his leash on, and pull him along while Biscuit and I walk. What a sight that will be.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Time Flies

Once again, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I blogged about anything. On the one hand time seems to go so slowly, and on the other, so fast. I do have to admit that the days have sped up between work increasing, finding things I can read at work when it is slow and my audio books. I do feel quite a bit less deprived now that I’m able to read more.

Speaking of which, I’m a bit miffed at Audible because I got my credits yesterday, promptly used them and bought two additional books and today they come out with 15% off. Blah. OK, I wouldn’t have saved that much, but all the same, hrumpf.

Knitting news: I’ve finished the Crashing Rapids
and they are wonderful! We lovsies them. I’m now working on ankle socks with the left over wool and they are really nice as well. I can’t wait until it’s time to use them. I’ve also started yet another River Rapids Scarf for a giveaway my my SPEWer group only in light blue this time. Plus I’ve started the Blue Flame shawl for myself.

I STILL haven’t gotten my Interweave and I’m a little miffed about that too. Where is it people?! Don’t send me the teaser e-mail if you’re not going to send me the magazine in time to prevent a coronary thankyouverymuch! Patience is a virtue. One that I just don’t have.

As my friend Thepinksheep said, I’ve got Castonitis at the moment. In addition to the above-mentioned projects, I want to cast on another scarf for a fundraiser, the Knitty Knotty socks and the Basket Weave Jacket from Interweave that I’m salivating over, the Winter Branches sweater, Linden from The Twist Collective and another pair of Journey Cable socks. *sigh* I need more knitting time. Must speak to the dogs about walking themselves. Wonder if they would need me less if I bought them a few more teddys (they only have about 20 stuffed animals).

Finally, a piece of fantastic news: We’re having some wonderful, beautiful fall weather! It only got up to about 70°F today and is supposed to stay under 75°-80°F for the next couple of weeks. It poured down rain yesterday and we should continue to get a bit here and there for a while. I know it won’t last, but at least the end of summer is in sight!

Having said that, we had a lovely weekend. Not even I could deny that Sat. was perfect. It was sunny and about 70°-75°F with a nice breeze. Just enough to cool you off but not enough to be annoying. Even I enjoyed it, and that’s saying something. Sun. was a little warmer, but still good until about 3pm. After that, the sun seemed to glare down and the air got that old, stale, faded sense which I so dislike. However, that made the clouds on Monday all the nicer for it.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I had a fantastic weekend. Three whole days of reading, knitting and sleeping (with obligatory dog walking thrown in). It was glorious. I did have to hide in the house for about 2 hours on Friday evening. All the windows had to be shut and the television turned up rather louder than I like. It was the national holiday and Mr. I’m really hot stuff with my teddy bears was afraid that the world was ending but it would all be OK if he could just sit in my lap. He weighs 150 lbs. This will never happen, even if he could make himself fit. I’m too attached to my corporeal circulation. He’ll just have to tough it on his bed with aforementioned teddy(s). Needless to mention, he lived, as did we all. We are also thankful that the weather was decent and everyone seems to have pretty much shot off all their fireworks and we don’t have to have the lap question on a nightly basis.

I got quite a bit of knitting done, although it doesn’t really sound like it. I finished my Falling Water Scarf,
which I love and cannot wait to wear (OK, it’s warm out, I can wait), finished the bamboo socks which are lovely and soft and warm (again, I can wait)

and started and finished one of my Crashing River Rapid socks in the Crashing into Ewe periwinkle yarn from Thepinksheep.
The yarn is beautiful. It’s absolutely gorgeous and goes well with the pattern. Love it.

Like I said, it doesn’t sound like much, but it took a while to get it all done. Now I’ve got to get working on my squares again, plus finish the second Crashing Rapids and start another phone sock for easy knitting purposes. Then I want to do a Candle Flame Shawl and the Winter Branches Sweater for myself. I also need to check on what I still need to do for Christmas knitting. I should be almost done with that with the exception of one or two pair of socks. Lots of knitting, not enough time.