Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Time Flies

Once again, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I blogged about anything. On the one hand time seems to go so slowly, and on the other, so fast. I do have to admit that the days have sped up between work increasing, finding things I can read at work when it is slow and my audio books. I do feel quite a bit less deprived now that I’m able to read more.

Speaking of which, I’m a bit miffed at Audible because I got my credits yesterday, promptly used them and bought two additional books and today they come out with 15% off. Blah. OK, I wouldn’t have saved that much, but all the same, hrumpf.

Knitting news: I’ve finished the Crashing Rapids
and they are wonderful! We lovsies them. I’m now working on ankle socks with the left over wool and they are really nice as well. I can’t wait until it’s time to use them. I’ve also started yet another River Rapids Scarf for a giveaway my my SPEWer group only in light blue this time. Plus I’ve started the Blue Flame shawl for myself.

I STILL haven’t gotten my Interweave and I’m a little miffed about that too. Where is it people?! Don’t send me the teaser e-mail if you’re not going to send me the magazine in time to prevent a coronary thankyouverymuch! Patience is a virtue. One that I just don’t have.

As my friend Thepinksheep said, I’ve got Castonitis at the moment. In addition to the above-mentioned projects, I want to cast on another scarf for a fundraiser, the Knitty Knotty socks and the Basket Weave Jacket from Interweave that I’m salivating over, the Winter Branches sweater, Linden from The Twist Collective and another pair of Journey Cable socks. *sigh* I need more knitting time. Must speak to the dogs about walking themselves. Wonder if they would need me less if I bought them a few more teddys (they only have about 20 stuffed animals).

Finally, a piece of fantastic news: We’re having some wonderful, beautiful fall weather! It only got up to about 70°F today and is supposed to stay under 75°-80°F for the next couple of weeks. It poured down rain yesterday and we should continue to get a bit here and there for a while. I know it won’t last, but at least the end of summer is in sight!

Having said that, we had a lovely weekend. Not even I could deny that Sat. was perfect. It was sunny and about 70°-75°F with a nice breeze. Just enough to cool you off but not enough to be annoying. Even I enjoyed it, and that’s saying something. Sun. was a little warmer, but still good until about 3pm. After that, the sun seemed to glare down and the air got that old, stale, faded sense which I so dislike. However, that made the clouds on Monday all the nicer for it.

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