Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I know I should stop apologizing for the lack of posts, but once again, I feel I have to at least mention the reasons. I am now on my yearly vacation, which means I had my yearly stress to go through during the last month. There was the baking, knitting and cleaning I go through every year before heading off home, and this year I got to add inventory on top of it. Inventory is really fun, especially since my job mostly required me to sit around waiting for people to finish counting so that we could check the results against the system numbers and then start searching out the discrepancies. Most of the lists I got landed with were fairly simple, so after the initial panic about getting things counted etc., it was mostly waiting around for the work to come to me. Even the stores I had to count were done fairly quickly. It did all make for long hours though and less time for me to get my stuff done at home.

I did manage to finish all of that too, but I can't blog about it much because it's all secret stuff. I can say that I made waaaaaaaaay too many Christmas Cookies and will seriously be reducing the number of batches I make next year, especially for certain types.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying relaxing at home and trying to catch up with the jet lag so I can finally stop falling asleep while knitting. I'm working on a decadent wavy shawl in a green cotton blend for myself and would like to have it done before I go home.

I hope all of you are having a happy holiday season and enjoying the festiveness of Dec.

Happy Holidays to you all!