Sunday, 21 June 2009

New Commercial

There are some really clever ad people out there and whoever came up with the new string they have for our local grocery store was a genius. This is the latest they came up with (It takes place on a Sunday and the point of the ad is "respect nature and it will respect you - it's for the groc. store's humane treatment of animals food brand)

Animal Farm on Sunday

Now, if I could just convince my neighbour's geese to do this, oh, and maybe get the cows to hold still at night so their bells don't ring, it would be great. Think it would help if I hauled the TV out and showed them the commercial?


  1. Very cute. I need to tell the doves in our neighborhood about it. They were cooing at 3:00 this morning.

  2. I LOVE that. Yes, the birds in my 'hood could take lessons. And the dang dogs. Thanks, way cute.