Friday, 6 November 2009

Retail Therapy of a Sort

Three weeks ago tomorrow, I had to have my Great Dane Tiron put to sleep. He had bone cancer and the end had just come. It was the right thing to do. It left rather a large hole, literally, in my home. As if that hole wasn't big enough, my neighbour, who has a solid lead foot, ran over Mildred last night - in our driveway. Not on the street, in our driveway. The same place where children and hedgehogs and foxes etc. walk. Having three children herself, you'd think she'd be more careful. They've asked her to slow down before to no avail, but I think she might have gotten the message now. Just to round off my rant, she didn't even stop. It was my other neighbour who came home later who found her. Granted, she did start to wonder and called my landlord after a while to see if her cats were OK, but stopping apparently wasn't an option. But I digress.

Mildred was a tiny 9lb cat with the attitude of a Great Dane. You knew when she walked into a room. She was boss and all the dogs and cats knew it. Of course, this also meant that she often sported cuts on her nose because she decided to take on cats twice her size, but she was still boss. The point is, the hole she left is at least as large and the one T left. It feels so empty in here now with just one dog and one cat. I guess attitude can be more impressive than size.

So, what do you do when you're depressed? Shop. It's unhealthy and expensive and ultimately doesn't help, but it's what I did anyway. In my defence, I did only purchase 2 items and both of them were necessary. Besides, they're beautiful.

I bought buttons made from Mountain Mahogany for the cardi I'm knitting for a friend who definitely has more to depress her right now than the loss of two pets:

and a yew shawl pin for my grandmother's Every Way Wrap:

Both are from South4th's Etsy Shop and I think they are gorgeous. Even if you don't need anything, his shop is worth a look. He has some beautiful wood in there. The pictures, as you might note, I nicked from him. I'm hoping he won't mind.

I'm now broke, but it was worth it.


  1. I'm so sorry for your losses.. One of these days I will loose my dog as well, he's old and blind but still happy. I cannot fathom what will happen to me then. I feel your pain right now.

    Maybe you could go to the local shelter and get a new soul in your life to fill the emptyness. Replacing is impossible, but a puppy/kitten can take your minds off the losses. Both of them however will wait for you.............

  2. Awww! I'm so sorry about your dog and cat..especially about the cat because that could have been so easily prevented. But, of course, you can't control your neighbors, so it wasn't preventable for you. I'm with you, why can't people be more careful?

    Your little shopping spree seems like the perfect solution to depression, much better than sitting on the couch eating as I've been known to do!

    Hope you have a much better month!

  3. So sorry to hear of your losses. Especially one that was avoidable. You'll just have to give some extra love to those still thumping their tales around the house. Nice shopping therapy, and stuff you NEED.

  4. I think you already know my opinion of your thoughtless neighbor. *more hugs* The buttons and shawl pin are GORGEOUS! Shopping for necessities is very helpful I think.

  5. Beautiful purchases! I shop when I'm depressed too and like you said ultimately it doesn't really help, but I think it just takes your mind off things for a bit. Your purchases are gorgeous!

    I cannot believe neighbor with the lead foot wasn't even the one who told you. That is awful. I believe in karma and something will come around and bite her in the ass at some point.

  6. Oh sweetie.. :( what a time you are having. I sent you a pm on Rav..will you check in there?

    Your neighbor needs a good talking to. I wish some of the big dog ladies and I lived closer. Hugs from here!