Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ode to Etsy

When you're having trouble finding something you need for your projects, check Etsy. Even though it can be more expensive, you get what you want, they're almost all willing to send internationally and they have some beautiful things. What brings this on you ask? Well, as much as I loved the clasps
I bought for my Arwen sweater, they just don't stay clasped when the sweater is on. It's annoying and pointless. I had found some in the States I liked, but they only had 2 and I need three. Their loss. I just purchased these as a replacement. They're perfect and the seller believes they should stay closed since they have long pegs for the holes. Yay! I can't wait to get them now.

I should add that I really, really love the sweater. It's comfortable and warm and I'm really glad to have it right now what with all the cold weather, snow etc. It's also helped me discover something. Wool only itches when it's too warm to wear it. When the temp is right, you don't feel a thing (and don't anyone go bursting my bubble on this one thanks very much. I'm going to go on believing this even if you say it's codswallop.)


  1. I love etsy too.. and not just because I have three shops. I've found loads of great stuff there!

  2. The clasps look fabulous and I'm still in awe of you for managing to make that sweater. Just looking at the cabling makes me scared. :)

  3. Those are lovely clasps. And you may be right about the itchy when warm. Think how a hat only itches when you get hot.

  4. Those clasps are lovely, Canute! And I agree with Lady Rook, I am in awe over your cabling ability, since most of my knitting adventures look only slightly better than if I let my pet moggy play with a ball of wool!
    Sugah xxx

  5. You really are an awesome knitter. I love the cabling on the sleeves. Yeah, Etsy is great, but it's also terrible because I have a Paypal account, so it's just one little click and buy this...and that...and get the point:)