Thursday, 13 May 2010

Drive By Post

Just a quickie: I finally finished the Byzantine Bazic (with no further mishaps at all):

and have now started on Springtime Bandit recommended to me by Catbookmom of Ravelry in Fluffy Cat by Wandering Cat Yarns in the colour Morning Glory. No pictures as of yet, but I can tell you I now remember why I really don't like knitting lace. I don't get it, it confuses me and mistakes are harder to fix. You also can just ignore them because it will look like total, well, a total train wreck. However, I'm stubborn and the yarn is Wonderful and I will finish it.


  1. Looks great. Although when I saw the first picture I thought "OH no, she made it into a hot water bottle cover!"

  2. Your cable work is always so pretty!
    I'm glad you like the yarn - for me, lace took a little while to get use to, then all of a sudden it just clicked! Now I am a lace knitting machine!

  3. That sweater looks fantastic! I'm in awe yet again of your super skills.

    The Fluffy Cat Morning Glory looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see a pic. :)