Monday, 5 July 2010


Wow! A post! Actually, it's more like, wow, it's been a long time since I updated. I'm afraid, once again, nothing blog worthy has happened. I've been steadily working on my aunt's Arwen in Knit Picks Reindeer Heather. I cannot possible say enough good about that yarn. It's really nice to work with and the finished product is lovely and soft. It remains to be seen how good it holds up, but I've not heard anything bad about it and I don't see why it shouldn't. I'm so convinced that it will be fine that I have another 2 colorways coming. One for me, Envy Heather (Dark Forest Green), and one for my aunt, Haze Heather (light blue with lavender). We both want the Inishmore sweater with the mock turtle neck. Sometimes I wish she would choose something different that I do, but at least I will have practice and she flatters my taste.

The other thunderous news, and yes, this is thunderous news, as in mark this date on your calendar because it's as rare as a pink moon, is that I went to the yarn store this weekend and came out not having purchased a single skein of yarn. Yes, you heard correctly, not one. Not a single one. Not even sock yarn. History has been made. The constellation that made this happen is that I have my next few projects planned and the yarn in on the way (Inishmore). I've put a gift I'd like to do off due to financial difficulties. Finally, it was hot. And humid. And it was worse in the store (no AC). Try being hot and sticky and still desirous of purchasing wool. It doesn't work. I had a gander to see if there were any new yarns I hadn't seen before and must have, there weren't. I picked up a couple and the immediate reaction was eeeewwwww, it's hot. So I left it. I still spent quite a bit on summer clothing in this store (because it's decided that we are going to have summer after all and they're saying it's going to stick around a while), but no yarn.

That's all for now. I'll be finishing the Arwen this week, so hopefully pics by the weekend! Then I will have something to blog about.


  1. Wow...things like this don't happen often, to be sure. Be sure to note the date, so that if someone (spouse) should ever say something about your inability to enter a yarn store without making a purchase, you can correct them!

  2. That is amazing! And I'm with you on the yuck factor - it has been hot and HUMID and STICKY here. Disgusting weather. I worked at the Yarnery last night, and even though the AC was on, I didn't even want to fondle the new wool yarns.

  3. I can't do that yet. I always walk out with yarn. :)

  4. Oh thank goodness, I was beginning to wonder if you'd fallen in a well somewhere...
    @ Mari -- my lys has a "sale" rack (yours probably does, too!) which usually causes me to fall down; I've stayed away from the shop for months b-coz the DH was unemployed. But he's been hired! So I'll go today & check out the shop -- I might even go to the "other" lys too!
    Love the Arwen; I hope to get up the nerve to make a sweater myself someday. Currently, the most sweater-like thing I've tried is a lace tank top pour moi, which is hibernating right now due to other deadlined projects needing my time. I have a whack of alpaca/silk blend, which is intended for a sweater for the DH. I guess I'd better start it, if I want it to be a Christmas present!