Friday, 6 August 2010


Well, I've finally hit on the cable pattern that is the lace of cables. Confused? So am I. I've never had such a problem with cables, well, not after I discovered marking the cross row with a closable stitch marker anyway. I can look at it, it looks fine, 10 min. later I look at the same bit and it's completely wrong. There are places where I get stuck and can't figure out where I am and what I'm supposed to be doing, rows seems to melt into each other and everything just kinds of fades in and out of focus. It's really what I imagine Alzheimer's is like.

The bigger problem is that I'm just about finished with the back of the first, yes, the first of two sweaters. This is promising to be a very long knit.

On the positive front, our summer, or at least high summer, seems to be over with. It was hotter than heck for 6 weeks, then it turned and now we have autumn. I love it, everyone else hates me for loving it. It's cool but not cold, it will still get warmish this weekend, but not hot (25C / 78F). Nice and adaptable all around. You can sit out without freezing or keeling over from heat stroke. Brilliant. It does make me feel sorry for all those folks still suffering from the heat wave though. I hope that wave ends soon.


  1. Ours broke yesterday with a big storm. I hope it stays that way. The wet summer has brought lots of mosquitoes, however. Ick.

  2. I, for one, understand you being happy to have fall weather. We're supposed to be having a cool down in the Central Valley, down into the low nineties. It's sad when that seems like great weather.