Sunday, 3 October 2010


IT FITS!!!!!!!!!

The sleeves are finished, the seams sewn, the ends woven in and it fits!  Not only that, but the seams look good and I think I might actually be happy with this sweater.  *happy dance*  I'm sure there are mistakes and some sloppy work, but none of that's to be found unless you really look for it with a magnifying glass, so I'm not bothered.   I can't believe it actually fits!  Now I just have to do the neck and I'll be done.  Another two, maybe three evenings work.  I might even be more motivated to work on it now since I know I'll actually be able to wear it.  I think that might be the reason I've not been knitting so much lately, because I thought it surely wouldn't turn out right.  So yay!

Pictures will follow.

Now I'm off to say a bedtime prayer that I don't find any huge mistakes in the cold light of day tomorrow.

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  1. Congratulations! Got my fingers crossed that NO NEW ERRORS are found. Cotton always seems so heavy, and I know it "grows", so you may be very glad of the structural support seams can provide. I have been threatening to make a sweater for my sweetheart, just have to make some decisions about the neckline, the color sequence (3 shades of green!), cables or not, etc, etc---I wonder if he'll still be my sweetie by the time I get it finished!