Friday, 7 September 2007

Slow Knitting

I was finishing projects on almost a daily basis for a while and now I’m not, so I feel kind of like I’ve let knitting down. Hmmm…upon reflection, this could be a really unhealthy thing. However, in the words of a friend’s (you know who you are) relative, I’ve never been to a psychiatrist, so I cannot possibly be mentally ill. Ergo, I’ll just continue not to seek psychiatric help and all will be fine. Sounds good to me anyway. *raises eyebrows*

I have still been knitting, it’s just all been socks. I occasionally freak out about sock knitting. I’ve just finished a pair of Phone Socks for myself (grey camouflage and boring so I won’t post pics, especially as they are already on Ravellry) and have the second of a pair of blue striped socks that were originally meant for me, but will be for my aunt as I know she’ll like them, on the needles. *takes breath* That sentence makes sense to me, so I’ll just refer you to the previous paragraph, k? I’ve also still got to do at least one pair (of socks) for my grandmother, one for a friend, and then I really need to start thinking about random Christmas gifts. I already know that I want to do two little knit drawstring bags for chocolate for my “cousins”. I’ve got the perfect yellow and orange cotton yarn in my stash for that. I’ve also got enough sock yarn for many random pairs of socks should I fail to come up with better ideas for other gifts. I also should probably wash and stretch my father’s sweater again, just to see if I can get it a liiiittttle bit bigger, just in case (oh Lord, please make that sweater fit!).

Anyone want to chat on the phone? I seriously need to get some sock knitting done :P

Can someone tell me why it is that something I do for fun can be so stressing? Oh, wait, I remember now. I have no Christmas money this year and an extensive stash. That might have something to do with it.

Never did I think in the beginning of my knitting days (1.5 years ago) that I would ever have yarns that sat around in my stash for so long. I blame the yarn store for not being closer. I can only go on Saturdays because it takes a half hour to get there and closes at 6:30pm on the weekdays, so I always feel like I need to make the trip worth it and that I need to make sure that I don’t run out of yarn. Then there is, of course, the yarn that screams buy me! but doesn’t get used right away, gets replaced with something “better” and is now still awaiting knittage. At this point I will refer to you to paragraph one again. Anyway, I’m currently stash busting which is a good thing. I should have enough yarn for interesting projects to last me until next year, especially considering that I really need to make myself some socks as well. I’m the one who live in the cold environment after all, I really need them. I shall now refrain from scoffing at Californians who wear wool socks – and then refer you to paragraph one again. (yes, Californians, I know, it gets cold there too)

Oh yes, and the dog sweater. I really, really need to start the dog sweater. This weekend. I solemnly swear. My sweater will just have to wait. Bugger that for a lark.

So much to knit, so little time.

Knitting list for own purposes:

Dog sweater (CO this weekend)
Second sock for Aunt N
Socks for Grandma (CO this weekend)
Socks for friend
2 drawstring bags
random Christmas gifts
socks for me
Rogue Sweater for me
Christmas Ornaments - possibly
Bookmarks for Cousins


  1. Once you get more and more things going you'll find that it takes you longer to actually get things finished(at least it takes me longer). And socks sometimes take a deceptively long time--they look small but think about how many stitches are in there. I did a BUNCH of socks one Christmas for my family--so don't stress too much about holiday knitting, you've gotten an early enough start(as long as nothing else distracts you, easier said than done, right?)

    Good luck, I'll cheer you on!

    PS--thanks for stopping by my blog. Little Diva is not quite ready for stitching. We're slogging our way through a latch hook rug right now and that tests her patience, so I think stitching is a long way off. I also try to get her to knit, she can make a knit stitch if I cast on and do a row for her but it hasn't really hooked her yet.

  2. *dead* Gee, I wonder who you could be referring to LMFAO.

    I wish I had time next week for a phone call, but I won't! My fitness class starts up again and my mom is available to babysit Scoot again so I can start going to yoga again. So, that's two days gone (well, really 1 1/2) and that means I have to squeeze five days of cleaning into three. Joy.