Wednesday, 19 September 2007

We are not amused Volume II

As you can see, we really aren’t amused. I’ll grant you, it was still over 90°F (32°C) when the picture was taken, but Riley was not amused. It remains to be seen how she reacts when it’s cold.

I also need to do another one. Same yarn, same size, different armholes. They’re too tight. This is my fault for assuming that a dog the size of a large rat (This is reverse sizeism. What can I say, I own Great Danes. People don’t like my dog's size either and I get to hear about it All. The. Time. and then some. Besides, I'm sure I'll love her to death when I meet her, she's just very small.) could not possibly have legs wider than that. I was wrong. I should have paid attention to the pattern. My penance: Re-Knitting the sweater. Ah well. This time it will be perfect. *bangs very hard on large block of wood with two by four*
Finished second goodie bag last night. Yet another two Christmas Pressies down. Will CO dog sweater by this weekend. In the meantime, sock work. Need to get socks done.


  1. I usually go to persons blog, too, but this last one did not leave me a link. No where to go to answer.

    Spinning was...ok. Tiring. I will be very soar for awhile.

    The German translation...fits me perfectly. :)

  2. You have a nice blog! I think Riley is adorable!! I love small dogs and really miss my Shih Tzu. I bred Shih Tzus for several years but had to leave my beloved male at home in Canada when I moved to Switzerland 3.5 yrs ago.
    It's sure nice to know another Swiss knitter. :o) I'm adding you to my rss feed.

  3. Aww, poor thing does not look happy at all! But at least it fit 90% of him, eh? Good luck with the new one!

  4. Thank you, thank you for allowing me to tickle your funny bone while reading my blog. The Swiss & Swiss activities just boggle my mind. If you think my blog is funny, you should read my journal. ;o)
    Yesssss, I am on ravelry.... electranina
    See you there!

  5. Hey! I figured out how you can email someone about their post. You have to set up your account to send you email notices when you receive a comment. If the person commenting has published their email in their "Contact Me" section, then you can email them back. Only way.
    I got an email from someone re: a comment I left her. She had just figured it out too.
    Anyway, I thought you might like that info. My email is published so you can email me responses if you get the email notices.


  6. hey. you have to set up your profile to have the "Contact me" viewable plus the email notification. That is for others to email you. If someone else doesn't have it set up that way, you can't email them.

  7. What a precious picture. Too cute. OK, so he is not amused, but it is amusing to us! ha ha...

    Great blog, I like that you have a list of what you're reading. I always look at these on people's blogs and have found some good reads for myself this way.