Wednesday, 21 November 2007

On Being Ill

I’m baaaaaack! Scary, isn’t it?

Well, I’ve had a cold/flu that was sent by express mail from Satan himself to punish me for, well, probably just for fun. I do believe he must have enjoyed himself quite a bit while watching me suffer. Even my doctor told me I really was a poor thing and then wrote me off sick for 2 weeks. She’s not prone to doing that. Still, it’s all gone now, except for the cough, but I’m sure that will go away in a few days.

Since then I’ve been told it would be a good idea to have my tonsils out, but I can’t at the moment due to organizational problems. It will just have to wait.

I'm afraid this means that I am woefully behind on blog reading since I really didn't feel like sitting at the computer. The cord to the heating pad is thread behind the couch and I couldn't be bothered to move it. I'll be catching up over the next two weeks or so.

So, what have I been up to? Not much. Literally vegetating on the couch. There were several days when I couldn’t even be bothered to turn on the telly let alone knit. It took a few days, but I did eventually reach the point where I could manage to knit for a while and took full advantage of it. I finished off the Snickets, the commission socks for my aunt, another pair of phone socks, knit up a couple of ornaments, a Leaves scarf with matching hat for my aunt's birthday and have now started plain phone socks and the Rogue Sweater for myself. Oh, those links sort of assume everyone can get on Ravelry, but I'll add pics of the scarf later for those who can't - mostly because I have to show the scarf off since I love it. I didn't like knitting it, but I love the finished project. I think she will too, but then, it's no skin off my nose if she doesn't because hey, then I can keep them for myself, yes? :0)

Oh yes, that brings me back to The Pink Gods. They are good for something. I learned from all of that, which is a good thing since I used the same yarn for the Leaves hat and scarf combo. I made both of them a little too small and they turned out perfect! Go me! Just because you're blond doesn't mean you can't learn.

Now I'm sort of gearing up for my trip home (again, potential buglers, there really is NOTHING in my apartment that you'd want to steal. Really. Just trust me on this one. You'll be disappointed if you make the trip for nothing.) I can't wait to go on the one hand, and am sad to be leaving the poochies on the other. I worry that they will be cold out in the barn where they will be staying. No, they won't freeze and they certainly won't be bored. T is partial to Rabbit TV, but you have to make sure he can't get to the door handles. T has one talent in life, he can open just about any door. He has been know to open all of the cages and then stand there watching the rabbits while they cower in the corner. Didn't touch a single one, but they could have all gotten out. Biscuit will have other dogs to play with, so she won't be bored, but it's still cold out and I feel sorry for them.

Other than that, I am looking forward to going. I just need to make sure that I balance my time better and do a few more things on my own this year. I love my family, but too much of a good thing...

I could drone on, but I'm not feeling particularly creative today so I'd probably just bore everyone to death. Hope everyone else is having a good run up to the Christmas Season!

10.5 working days and counting.

Oh yes, the scarf:


  1. That hat and scarf are amazing. They remind me of the color of the glacier ice in Alaska. So clear. So piercing a blue.

    Feel better soon...

    Get well blessings!

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you've been so sick. There is definitely something going around - lots of people in the U.S. are sick, too.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Love the scarf and hat!

    What color are you doing the sweater in? That is a super cute pattern.

  4. The scarf is beautiful. I love the pattern and the color too.

  5. Gorgeous scarf! For an ill woman, you sure can crank out some awesome projects. ;o)

    Hope you're feeling 100% soon, and hope your trip home will be extra special and fun, fun, fun.

  6. Love the projects - wow you're really zooming along despite being sick. I myself keep falling asleep.

    I particularly like the "phone socks" but why are they called phone socks?