Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I'm back.

Potential thieves please note this. It wasn't worth it when I was gone and it's not worth it now that I'm back, especially as there are now two Great Danes residing in my apartment again. All the same, thank you for leaving what little I have intact.

Both the trip there and the trip back was horrible and the visit itself had its problems. Suffice it to say that life goes on.

Now on to the important stuff: knitting.

I managed nearly an entire phone sock recipe on the trip there. It was a long flight. I had time and couldn't sleep. It was also a much longer trip than I had planned on it being. I started the other, but didn't work on it much.

Instead I worked on the Rogue. I finished all but one sleeve while I was there. That I finished last night. I haven't sewn it up yet because the pattern says to block first, so I am. As soon as it's finished blocking, I'll take on the daunting task of sewing it together. Not that there's a whole lot to do, but there is some. I sewed the body and the sleeves in the round, so no seaming there, but I do have to sew on the arms and hem the bottom and the sleeves and I do believe I'm going to hem the hood too. The yarn, for some odd reason, curls outwards instead of in like it's supposed to, so I want to hem that down. Then I will be done. YAY! My third ever sweater will be finished.

I loved the pattern, although I wouldn't recommend it for sweater beginners. The charts were well explained, but some of the general sweater directions were a bit, well, general and I might have had problems had I not done it before. As always, there are things (on the sweater) I'm not happy with, but can't be bothered to fix, so it's going to stay like that. I don't suppose anyone else will ever notice anyway. It's not like people walk up to you and look to see how well you seamed the shoulders together is it?. It's also dark yarn, so you really have to have light to see it. Needless to say, I did not take pics of them. Why voluntarily parade your seaming inability when you can just remain quiet and no one will ever know?

So, here are the pics I have now, unblocked and unsewn:

The side:

The Hood:

Now I'm at a loss for what to do. I still have the sock, but somehow I don't feel like socks right now. I must have ODed at Christmas. Maybe I should start some Christmas ornaments for next year. hmmmm....

And just because I think it's cute, here are some pics of my aunt's dog after she "celebrated" Christmas. I swear we didn't feed her eggnog. We just inflicted my 8 year old hyperactive niece on her. Better than eggnog or valium.

Oh yes! The sweater! I might as well have knit her a straight jacket. That's how much she loves and appreciates it. Smart dog.


Thanks Karoline Knits! Now I have another two, not one, but two, knitting books I want. A Treasury of Rowan Knits: 80 Patterns from Favourite Designers and because I looked that up, I found this: The Best Of Rowan: Fifty Designer Patterns. One would have thought that I'd gotten enough knitting books for Christmas! Arctic Lace from Thepinksheep, Harmony Guide: Cables & Arans: 250 Stitches to Knit from Inkysticks and Cables: The Basics from myself. I could make up my own cable and Aran patterns now, but no, I have to drool over new books. Bugger. Must. Be. Strong. Can't knit everything at once.


  1. Glad you're home. Sounds like things were a bit of a bummer for you - sorry about that!

    Next time in Europe, I'll have to get some of that hot chocolate. Sounds divine!

  2. Too bad your much anticipated trip wasn't the greatest. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but when bad stuff happens during the time, it seems like it's worse because of the least for me.

    Oh, oh, you've found books for me to "need" too. Rowan is one of my favorites. I guess I should knit a few more things from my book before I get another one though.