Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Random Knitting

Knitting lately has been fairly unexciting. I’ve decided to not do anything too difficult at the moment because I was getting to the point where I felt everything was going wrong. So, like with the dog training, when something stops working, you take a few steps back and start over so that things don’t just keep getting worse.

I’ve done a Coronet hat for Ginette, who I have not actually met, but after reading about her in Zoom’s blog a while back, I thought she might like something to cheer her up, if even only for a moment. I should be getting that off in the mail today. Should.

I just showed Ginette’s hat to a my co-worker who took care of my cats while I was in the States. She was rather taken with it. I’m now going to do another. I haven’t wanted to knit for her before because she is a knitter herself and has totally different taste to me. Although she didn’t directly ask me to make her one, she let me know that she would be happy to receive that particular hat, so there we go. :0) I like it when things work out like that.

Then I started on the second of my Fensterl socks. I still love the pattern and I’m sure my grandmother will love the socks. These will be finished by tomorrow night, I hope.

I’ve also got my standard phone sock on the needles at the moment. I’d like to say something really exciting about my phone sock, but really, it’s just not that thrilling. It’s a simple sock with 4x2 ribbing out of generic yarn (Four Seasons Marathon Komet if I’m not mistaken) and is just really uninspiring, but functional and my aunt will love it. Once I get these and the Fensterl done, I will have two out of several pair of Christmas pressie socks done.

I’ll also be starting the Eris this weekend, or whenever I finish the second Fensterl. Yes Pinksheep, my inner Hermione is still there and I still do like getting one thing done before starting another even if I have learned to have several things on the needles at once. Still, I’ve had up to 4! Yes count them 4 WIPs at once. Maybe there’s hope. Or not. Beyond help is probably more accurate.

Anyway, Eris. I’m looking forward to it. It will be challenging, but Inkysticks and I will work through it and get it done. That will be another Christmas (or maybe birthday) pressie done!

Only 286 knitting days until Christmas folks!


  1. Nooooooooo- don't bring up that 'C' word! I'm still paying for the last one! I really love that sock, Your granny is going to flip! Oh, And I'm sending you 300 tons of snow I scraped off my driveway. No need to thank me, I know your thrilled.

  2. I really like those socks.

    Eris looks nice. Will you be making the cardigan or pull-over?

    You're reading THe Mysteries of Udolpho! How is it?

  3. The Fensterl sock is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the second one being made.

    Thanks for the comment. My aunt is now 96 and still crocheting/knitting the toys.

  4. Fensterl is fab. I mostly knit only simple socks. They are my carry around project. And the stole turned out beautifully. Re. mistakes - unless they are really obvious, like right in the middle of the chest on a sweater, sometimes you just have to let them go. And those sock legs will be under pants, right?

  5. Ginette's hat arrived a couple of days ago - it's so lovely and soft! I was hoping to find her, give it to her, take a picture of her in it and write a blog post right away, but I'm still looking for her...she's not out there every day.

    Anyway, I'm really hoping I find her tomorrow, because Wednesday I'm leaving for a trip south. I did want you to know though that it got here safely and it's truly lovely - and so is the note that you wrote to her.

    Thank you.