Friday, 21 November 2008

Iz Bad Blogger

But Me= Chicken-head at the moment. I've gotten a "new job" at work, which means additional work (at same pay naturally) and my head is about to explode with information, things that need doing and plans for the arc I need to build to get home today. It's pouring outside. That brought to you randomly because I chanced to look out the window. I'm wearing Crocs. The kind with holes in them. I'm going to be soaked in about half an hour. Joy.

Actually the last line of that list was supposed to say "with all the Christmas things that need doing". I'm still Christmas prepping (we don't have Thanksgiving here, so I feel a bit less guilty about starting Christmas this early), but at least I get to do it in snow this weekend. It's going to snow! And I'm the only one in the country who's happy about it!

I stopped knitting for an entire week to finish my other project and had to return straight back to Remedial Knitting Classes. Granted, the project is lace, but even I'm not usually that bad. Dropped stitches and mistakes everywhere. I decided it would be better, and more fun, to take things slowly, so I have nothing to share on the knitting front today.

2.5 weeks and counting and then I have vacation. Three whole weeks of rest, relaxation and knitting. Yay! I have plans, but I'll have to tell you about them later. I need to go meditate so I'm in the frame of mind to become one with the water outside, because become one I will, like it or not.


  1. I haven't been motivated to blog much either, I think all those blogging every day in November folks have overwhelmed my googled reader so it just feels like overload! It was 10F here this am -- a bit too much for november.

  2. The "non-blogging" bug must be going around. My main reason, besides being worn out from work, is that I have nothing to show off. I never set very high goals for myself for Christmas knitting, but I usually have something going. I'm in the Christmas spirit already; it just hasn't included knitting.