Tuesday, 11 November 2008

No Knitting for the Procrastinator

I think I’ve forgotten how to blog. So much of not much has happened, that I don’t even know where to start. Actually, I did quite a bit of knitting in the last few weeks, but it was all Christmas projects I was finishing and I don’t want to post them yet. Besides, they aren’t really very exciting. They are for the people who are getting them, but as far as the knitting goes, it was all fairly basic.

I did finally get a package sent to and opened by my good friend Inkysticks. She’s in England for 6 weeks, so I made her a scarf/hat/handwarmer set plus a pair of thick socks for the cold weather. I figured it would be silly to wait and give them to her at Christmas because she’ll be back in California by then - so, now that you’re going back to a warm place, have some wolly items. :P Silly. So here they are. They are made from Kappa Color yarn, I think from Lang, but can’t look right now. I saw the yarn and instantly thought of Inky, so I just had to make her something from it. It is a cotton blend and not overly warm, but it’s perfect for autumn and since she lives in California and we’re not heading towards an ice age, I figured it would serve her better than 100% chunky weight wool. The socks were simple Dad’s Easy Cable socks make from thick wool, but even in Ca. your feet can get cold when you’re sitting and knitting.

OK, pictures another time since Blogger isn't playing today.

There was one small catastrophe which seriously irked me. Last Aug., I made myself some socklettes out of leftover yarn. I loved these socklettes (yes, loved, you see what’s coming). I wore them all the time at home. I loved that they were quick to slip on, warm and comfy to wear. One evening, I was taking the dogs out and slipped my foot into my winter crocs only to find they were cold and wet in one spot. I thought it was odd, so I took my foot out and looked only to find that there was a hole the size of a quarter in them! Worn right through, and no, darning is not an option since I’m A, out of that yarn and B, there wasn’t enough of the stitches left to work with. Then I looked at the other and there was a hole in that one too. I nearly cried. 2 months. They lived for 2 months. I’m still mourning them. Thing is, I’ve never worn through a pair of hand knit socks before. This is the first pair. I’m now almost too scared to wear the normal socks I made with that yarn for fear of wearing them out. *sigh*

The other tragedy, and yes, it does actually qualify as a minor tragedy in my life, is that I’m on a knitting hiatus. I have another project I’m working on which involves my really non-favourite activity: sewing. Trying to work on it a bit before going over to knitting failed, in a big way, so now I’m forcing myself to sit down and sew until it’s done. Duration? Uncertain, but I estimate I should be done by the end of next week. No, it’s not long in the scheme of things, but long enough to go without knitting. Although I may weaken and knit something this weekend, but shhhhh!


  1. I wear through my toes often (small holes). I just darn them up, even if the yarn doesn't match and they don't look perfect. But, you know me, it just makes them more eclectic, imo. :D I had one pair I wore through the sole last year. I haven't fixed them yet, but do plan on it sometime (They're sitting in my stash bin so I have to look at them constantly. It doesn't appear to be working.).

  2. You can fix those holes. If you want to, that is. you make a little warp of yarn vertically over the hole, don't pull too tightly, then weave yarn thru them. It may not look good, but it will let you keep wearing them.

  3. Poor socks!

    I don't like sewing. At all. I'm afraid of my sewing machine--all that noise and flashing needle. I'm convinced my hand is going to get sucked right under and sewn to the fabric.

  4. One time I had holes that big and I knit patches over the holes by picking up stitches about 3 rows below a hole and knitting a rectangle; at the end of each row, I knit the last stitch with a stitch picked up from the sock. I didn't bind off but did a duplicate stitch/kitchener sort of thing to attach the stitches. I can't tell the patch is there when I'm wearing the socks.