Thursday, 1 January 2009

More Non-Knitting Updates

Snow. We gots it.

Knee deep in some places, but mostly just ankle/mid-shin. This is enough when you have to walk your dogs in it. I didn't get the car out to go for an actual walk this morning. I was too afraid the plough guys were still in bed and I'd wind up stuck, so I was going to just go out for a few min. and wait until lunch. Then we got outside and the dogs loved it. It was all nice and sunny and lovely and snowy so we went for a, um, walk/work out down to the lake. Seriously, walking through fresh snow is not all it's cracked up to be in films. The next time you see one of those lovely scenes where people are traipsing through fresh fallen snow in the movies, know they must be wearing snow shoes because there's no way they could possibly look that elegant while slogging through a foot of new snow. No. It's just not going to happen. So anyway, despite being in full possession of such knowledge, we go traipsing down to the lake. The route that normally takes 20 min. took over an hour. Granted, I had to stop a few times because my tendons were in an uncooperative mood, but still, it took ages to get down and back up again. I actually had to shower when I got back in. Good work out. Dogs are now snoozing and I can sit back for the rest of the day and feel accomplished. OK, I can feel accomplished until this afternoon when I have to go back out into it.

So, just so y'all can share in the loveliness of new fallen snow on a nice, sunny day, I took some pictures. Unfortunately the ones with the dogs sunk to their knees in the snow were no good. I had to get them under a tree where there wasn't so much, but you can still see the loveliness of it all.


Tree from Balcony



The Lake Covered in Snow

House from Field (I live in the one on the left)


  1. What a great setting. I understand the walking thru the snow. It's WORK! I like to have my horse walk thru the snow for her workout. They love it as much as the dogs.

  2. Happy New Year from Baby Bat and all your doggy friends on Ravelry. We still miss you. The snowy scenes are beautiful, here in Louisiana it is rather a muddy brown color, not our best season. Roscoe is snoozing in his recliner and resting up from the holidays. All your knitting pics are great, I finished Christmas knitting with about four hours to spare. Linda

  3. So pretty. I have yet to go anywhere with snow. Hopefully soon.

  4. Your snow is in the pretty stage- ours is in the black ugly and fading stage- till tomorrow . We are suppose to get our New Years dose in the morning. Ah well,it's Jan, whatcha expect??? Hope you have an awesome 2009. And it makes me laugh to see in your old post sayin your a bad blogger- ha ha ha. I get the prize for that!

  5. Gorgeous. You don't get many scenes like tht in Fresno!

    Luv the pups. I'll bet you feel plenty safe at night.