Friday, 17 April 2009

Insert Fantastic Title Here

Because I can't come up with one.

I am really bowled over by a package I received from ProseKnitic this week. I won a comment contest on her blog and she, crazy and wonderful woman that she is (she has a career, 4 children, knits, DOES STEEKS, and blogs all in her stride), sent me this:

Those of you who know me, even slightly, will know that these are my colours. It's fabulous yarn and something I would have never purchased for myself. I now need to find a project that will do it justice. I may have to think on it a while. Thank you so much Holly!

I have been knitting this week, just not as much as I thought I would. I'm on vacation and I always assume I'll have more time and motivation than I usually wind up having. I did try and knit out of doors with the dogs, but either the wind was blowing (not good with lightweight cotton yarn) or the dogs felt I should be petting them and not knitting. Plus, I'm doing some free lance work, so it wasn't all free time anyway. However, I did manage to finish the Hermione Scarf and Hat and have now started on "matching" handwarmers. I won't be using the full pattern for this, since having holes in handwarmers is a bit counterproductive. Hats and scarves with holes are OK because the scarf wraps around itself and most people have hair on their heads to help with warmth, but bare hands are just cold when it's cold outside. Ergo, I'm just doing the cable and leaving out the eyelets. It's a bit of a construction site because I'm trying something new. I'll let you know how it goes when I finish the first of them.

Unfortunately I haven't made any more progress on the Arwen. I should really be working on that instead of the handwarmers because it's cooled off, but I don't feel like it at the moment. It will get done in time to wear it next winter.


  1. I love the Arwen and the hat is really cool. got lucky on the yarn colors (grin - but I suppose I could just say that they seemed to be you!)


  2. Pretty yarn. The hat has come out great. (Must get started on mine.)

  3. Very cute hat. I agree with the lace mitts theory, unless you are Elizabeth Bennett.