Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Knitting Math

I came up with a new maths formula for knitting this evening. It goes as follows:

Lack of Attention+Overconfidence=Frogging

I've begun knitting the second Earl Blue sock, knit with Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed sock yarn, which is fabulous. Soft, yet durable. I love it - Damn. I never should have linked. They're having a sale on colours they won't be restocking and I'm broke. I really would have liked to get some of the Ivy. Bugger. So, back to knitting, it took me a bit to get back into the rhythm of the pattern, but when I did, it started to go well. After all, it was an easy pattern and a pleasant knit. Only, after a few rounds, I started to think that all of this 1x1 ribbing was irritating, after a few more rounds, I started wondering how I ever managed to get the first sock done, then, another 10 rounds or so later, I start thinking it's a complete pain in the proverbial and blast if I was going to continue with it. It was then that it hit me. I should have stopped the ribbing and switched to stockinette when I started the pattern. *headdesks* I decided that this might be a good point to check the pattern again, as in read from the beginning, and not only did I miss the bit about the ribbing, but I also forgot that I needed to increase by two stitches. I console myself with knowing that I only had to frog it all once and not twice. Let this be a lesson to me. Always check the pattern again, even if you've already knit it before. Simple things can save you a lot of effort put in creative swearing when you've messed up the basics, yet again.


  1. Pretty. :)
    That equation is so true!

    btw, joey is doing well. She loves her meds (treats to her).

  2. Actually, they're just replacing the 50g balls with 100g balls, so the Ivy is still in that. The socks I'm currently working on are in the Ivy and it is sooo pretty!

    Ugh, bummer about the frogging.