Monday, 10 August 2009

New Project

Having finished Grandma's Funky socks and then the really ugly cat blanket, which the cat adores (this is her literally 20 seconds after cast off), I had to decide what to do next, so I came up with this: Drops Knitted Cabled Cardigan Ravelry. It's a simple sweater, but has cables, which is why I like it. It's perfect for me and I'm looking forward to wearing it. I have, however, as per usual, changed things a bit. I'm using Drops Paris 100% cotton wool in colour #48 instead of the Karisma and have changed the hem to a plain hem instead of the ribbing - since cotton doesn't really do well in ribbing - and took out the shaping. It's turning into a fairly boring knit for the moment as I'm working on the nearly all stockinette stitch back, but it's coming along quickly and I like the fabric that's coming out of the knitting. It's soft and purty and that's just what I wanted.

I'm also working on the next pair of socks for Grandma (she's getting 4 pair for Christmas). It's the Shark Infested Waters (Rav Link) pattern done in Spruce KP Essentials Kettle Dyed. I'm quite pleased with the way these look, so hopefully grandma will be too.
Finally, I'd like to apologize for not commenting much lately. Not only have I been busy, but they've now blocked all blogging and forum sites at work, so I can no longer read blogs during my breaks. I'm also not always motivated to turn the computer on at home again after having been on it for 10 hours at work already, thus, fewer posts and fewer comments. Sorry. I do try and get them all read though. Still like reading a lot.
Hope you're all having a nice summer!


  1. Glad you are well, if warm. I've been swamped, too, and not posting much. This week, I hope.

  2. (LOL) I think we have the same cat. Does yours sharpen her claws on your new couch?? You always inspire me to do neat projects. Unfortunately, you might have noticed that I never blog about them. That would be because I never finish them. OH well, it's the journey:)

  3. I have a tuxedo cat too... she's my first (she's a year) and she's CRAZY! Is yours wild too?

    I thought I'd let you know I referenced your beautiful Boyfriend Socks as seen on Ravelry, on a post about my misadventures with a pair of socks. I hope it's okay... take a look: