Thursday, 23 August 2007


Those of you who know my dogs will want to scroll on by *jumps to the side to avoid running masses*. I just figured since I signed up for the Purling Puppy Knitting Ring I should probably put something substantial in here about my dogs and cats. There's T (a.k.a. Tiron), 6, and Biscuit, 3, and Mildred the cat who thinks she's a dog plus Sydney who uses the dogs as her own personal body guards. T (the brindle) is a third hand Great Dane who is very grateful to have escaped his last home with 12 other dogs where he didn't get enough personal attention. Biscuit (the fawn), also a Dane, and Is from a friends litter. She is a lovely little ray of sunshine whom everyone loves to bits. How could you not love a dog who's mastered the Full Body Wag? Sydney (second Picture) is my oldest addition and was rescued from a mean old drunken farmer who was going to shoot her. She's shy as he tended to kicked her around; thus body guardness. Mildred (first picture, note relation of body size to amount of space taken) is the last addition to the family, and she came from a nice farmer who let her children and dogs play with the cats so she's just not afraid of anything. She firmly believes her rightful place is in the middle of the dogs giant bean bag and no one is going to tell her any different. They're all lovely and now rather inseparable. They also all hate the fact that I knit as it takes away from petting time. They exact revenge by raiding my knitting supplies on those rare occasions when I forget to put it away before going to work. This morning it was the cable chart key from my Celtic Cable Cap pattern. Very endearing, oui?


  1. I can't get over how big Biscuit has gotten. (I know, I know, she's a Dane, duuuuuh!) Your pets rock.

  2. Don't ask how I ended up finding this post (sorry, but I haven't been reading through your archives, day by day), but now I just have to comment--I love your dogs!!!