Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Of Lace, Stitch Markers and Other Things

Because I’m really not fond of knitting lace, the knitting gods are punishing me. I keep finding these lace projects that I really like and want to do for someone. Must. Remember. To. Stop. Angering. Knitting. Gods. Alternatively, I could try and learn to like knitting lace, but I’m afraid I wasn’t in line when God was handing out patience and care. I must have been off getting my double portion of stubbornness and orneriness.

Next one up is The Cat’s Paws Scarf from Cynthia, which is just too cute and is begging to be done for my “cousin” who really isn’t my cousin, but I like having them as a part of my family, so they get called cousins. Lisa is a really girly girl and loves animals so she’ll love this. I don’t know yet if I want to do it as a scarf or stole, but as she’s small it won’t make much of a difference in size. I think a stole would look better since you’d see the pattern better and she could wear that to church. In the end, it will probably depend on what yarn I find to do it in. I don’t have any lace weight at home (obviously as usually don’t volunteer to knit lace).

That won’t happen until after the North Star Stole though and I’ve just re-started knitting that after having finished the TBGA Socks for my aunt. Those turned out quite well, I hope. I had to improvise since the gauge on the stockinet foot was a lot bigger than on the cable leg. I think they’re fine though. I certainly loved the wool (Valore from Jakobs) and would recommend it to anyone. They are also super comfy and if nothing else, she can use them as around the house socks for warmth in the evenings.

I’m also going to be changing the cabled socks I will be doing for me into Deb’s Fensterl socks. I want to try the pattern out (no, I haven’t forgotten you Deb!) and that is a good opportunity to do so. As much as I love the other pattern, sock patterns tend to loose their shine for me after I’ve done one pair of them, so on to the Fensterl we go!

Which brings me to my new obsession: Stitch markers. I found some lovely stitch markers on Etsy (from Knittingpark (aran and celtic) and Sunneshine (paw print)) and have now become obsessed with them. Even more so since I got the aran ones I ordered (dog paws will hopefully follow soon, hopefully). I love them! They are so much better than the plastic ones I got at the knitting store. They don’t get caught on everything and fall off every chance they get. Love. Them. The only thing that scares me about them is that I am certain to actually knit them into my work at some point and wind up with a decorated work or having to frog the whole thing to get them out again. This will happen. It is only a matter of time. Knitting them in, however, would give me an excuse to go and find more cute ones :D

Oh to be knitting right now! Air conditioners, February. ‘Nuff said. Just y’all be thankful I’ve spared you my light bulb rant featuring knitting chickens (unless you’re on my LJ FList that is muhahahahahahaha!). That one got a bit bizarre. Like I said, air conditioners, February. *sigh*


  1. I'm glad for your comments about the stitch markers. I've contemplated getting some cute and fancier ones (I have the el cheapo rubber ones), but didn't know if it was purely aesthetic or not.

  2. Oh now...maybe the knitting gods are trying to open your eyes to the wonder and beauty of holes in your knitting?

    We'll talk you into it yet.

    After all, the lace is calling...


  3. Thanks for the plug! ;)

    I've been nursing a carnival hangover for a few days so haven't done much of anything on the net. Today, I finally got to check all my feeds, including yours! Yikes! That's a lot of reading to catch up on!

    I was obsessed with stitch markers for a while. Joined a few exchanges and ordered a few others. Now I could start my own store!! Obsession... not a good thing! ;)