Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sucking it Up and Taking It Like a Non-A-Type Knitter

Well, I’ve decided to just suck it up and finish the stole as is. I’ve showed pictures of the mistake to people and one knitter has seen it live and couldn’t spot it. So, I’ll just have to live with knowing it’s there. I keep reminding myself of the whole oriental rug concept where they always include one mistake on purpose to humble themselves in front of God and show that they, unlike him, are not perfect. I’m going to be humble. It’s good for me. I’m sure it is. Being humble 30 times in the same project might just save my sanity. Wonder if it puts me in the Humble Plus category. I’m envisaging a kind of get out of jail free card, only for being humble. I was humble 30 times during one project, so now I can be arrogant 29 times free? No? Rather thought not. *sigh*

The other reason I have for just continuing as is, I stumbled upon last night whilst knitting a sock. I made a mistake, I tinked, I made more mistakes whilst rekniiting. What if I frog the whole thing, reknit it and then discover mistakes in the knitting? That would upset me even more than just having made them the first time, so I’ve decided not to go there. Much better for what’s left of my sanity.

Reason number three, Grandma will not mind. I’ll tell her the humbling story and she will love that. She’ll be wearing it to church (more of an educated guess than an assumption) and she can tell people that story if any one mentions it. She might even mention it if no one notices. She’ll be thrilled with that story. I’ll just have to try and make it sound like I’m seriously serious.

In the meantime, I’ve finished one pair of phone socks and another pair of Dad’s Easy Cabled Socks (same as the TGBA socks). I should have finished more, but I was having a knitting crises and nothing was going right. I had a heck of a time with the gauge for the Sedrun yarn. To tight and it was scratchy, too loose and it didn’t look good. I finally got there in the end, but I really knit those socks about four times, or at least the first one anyway. I think I tried about three different patterns along the way as well. What fun. Once again, I realize that even though it’s “wasted knitting time” it really isn’t because I learned something. I can’t tell you what exactly, but I did. Has to do with that particular yarn, yarn in that thickness, socks with a design and gauge. Just take my word for it, I know more than I did before.

Right now I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to the knitting time I’m going to have next week or dreading being forced to sit still for a week. Yes, being able to knit quite literally all day long without interruption will be nice, and indeed sounds like heaven most of the time, but for an entire week? With no dogs around? I dunno. I may go crazier. If I begin posting truly demented things in the next two weeks or so, you will know why. Anyway, I’ll just be glad to have it all behind me. I hope I will anyway.

DVD rental by mail places are your friend. This brought to you randomly by someone who will be stuck in the house for a week.

Which brings me to Miss Marple. I’m currently watching the BBC series with Joan Hickson (which I now own on DVD because I totally am not good with money and splurged because I found the collection for half price (before the battery died) and now own them all MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (didn’t I say something about being demented?)) (I do believe I have just won the most creative use of parentheses award) I LOVE the fact that she knits all the time. Not only does she sit there with needles, but she really is knitting! Really, truly. You can see her throwing (and dude is she fast for a tosser!) and once in a while she stops to check the pattern! AND, she’s working on a different project in each film. Makes me love the films even more. Joan Hickson was, in my humble (oh the humbility of it all today) opinion, the perfect Miss Marple. Just as I always pictured her. OMG!! I just read that Joan Hickson apparently also narrated some of the Marple books in the audio versions! I need an MP3 player. *sigh* /Maple ramblings

Biscuit tried to kill me the other day. I was lying on the floor petting T when she walked up and tried to lick me on the nose. This is a bit of a problem when your face nearly falls off every time you look down. She managed to block all of my airways by smothering me with her lips. I suddenly had an idea of what water-boarding is like. Not fun (all political implications aside).


  1. Honestly, if people can't spot the mistake, I say don't sweat it. Remember the wedding shrug? Did you see the mistake right away or did I have to point it out to you? And the day of, no one even saw it. I'm sure it's fine.

    And you're dead right about Miss Marple! Isn't she the coolest?

  2. I guess I will be checking out Miss Marple at the library! Sounds fantabulous. When I first heard about water boarding I thought it was a sport- opps- not so sporting after all!

  3. Hey, I'm a thrower and I think I knit pretty damn quick. ;P

  4. Ok, I went to the library and got the Marple and now I see I have a different one than you mentioned!
    This one has Geraldine McEwan, and I thought she was wonderful! Then I came over to tell you and see O-TAH! Yours was a another Miss. Marple. I'm smelling something fishy with these ones,though, the stories are too modern and have alot of sex and 'things' in it, which I don't remember the novels being quite like that. Well, back to the library to see if I can dig up some more!