Saturday, 16 February 2008

On Lace

Just because I really should keep this in the annuls of my knitting as well as the bad times, the Stole has been coming along swimmingly in the last day or two. I'm just over half done now and haven't had too many problems within the last repeat or two. This might have something to do with me actually learning that it's good to count your stitches after every RS row worked instead of waiting to see how it turned out. It's much easier to fix a mistake when you've just made it than when you discover it several rows down the line. See? I can learn...on occasion.

I'd like to add that I'm not really to be taken too seriously when I complain. It just helps me get the frustration out and helps me laugh at myself. I am a firm believer that the bad times, as bad as they can be sometimes, always help us appreciate the good when it comes along again. That's part of the reason I never understand the people who want perpetual sun. How can you appreciate a really nice, sunny day if that's all you ever have? I don't believe you can, or not to the full extent anyway. The sun always looks a lot better the day after it rains than after a month of sunny days. The last couple of days knitting have been a lot better for having been frustrated before. Now my only problem is to stop myself from getting over confident. Must. Count. Stitches. Always.

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