Friday, 17 October 2008


I recently bought some sock yarn (oh quelle surprise!). It’s very pretty sock yarn of nice soft colours, mostly beiges and yellows with some light blue mixed in. I was certain this yarn was going to make beautiful socks, as had the same yarn in a different colour. It looked pretty and perfect and was going to make a great Christmas gift for my unrelated cousin/aunt, don’t ask, it’s difficult.

See? Doesn't it look purty?

So I found a pattern, got out the yarn and started knitting. Oh the shock. Oh the disappointment. I think I can say that this yarn is without a doubt some of the ugliest yarn I’ve ever purchased. The yellows are banana yellow, the blues a minty colour and the beiges are brown and altogether, they look like someone ate a banana split with blue sprinkles and then, well, didn’t keep it down. I am so disappointed. However, the very small optimist in me (you know, the one that makes Tom Thumb look like Hagrid?) says that maybe it will be ok in another pattern, one with more stockinet stitch in it. This particular pattern has a lot of purl stitch, so maybe with something else it will be much, much better. I hope so since I optimistically bought 2 skeins of it. The optimist in me just shrank to microscopic proportions. Oh well, live and learn.

In other news, thanks to Mary Lou over at the Yarnerina’s, I might actually be able to vote. OK, she didn’t actually make that happen, but she did kind of nudge me to take another look at the voting regulations. To my surprise, either I was fed inaccurate information or things have changed in the last 15 years and I should be able to vote! I’ve sent in what I think is the proper form and am hoping it works. It would be nice to be able to vote, especially as it would be the first time in 16 year. I’ve only ever voted in one presidential election, which the first after my 18th and the last before I moved overseas. I did try and vote in the one they told me I would still be eligible for, but they failed to send me my ballot and the embassy was very unhelpful. I did eventually get the ballot…several days after the president was sworn in. So basically, I’m very excited that I might actually get to vote. I’ve now got a lot of reading to do before the 4th.

Knitting, oh yes, that little thing. It’s very unexciting. I’ve been going through a handwamer phase and these are the results thus far:


These are two hats I did for down and out people in Canada. They'll be going off to Zoom soon just as soon as I get one or two more things done to put in the package.

And finally, my latest pair of Journey Cables which I LOVE. I love the yarn, I love the pattern, I love the finished product and I love the person who's getting them. The perfect project.

Oh, and because I love fall, a gratuitous picture of the yard where I live


  1. Hello!! I just read your comment in Yarninas and HAVE to say that the only way an American can forfeit her/his vote is by voting to elect someone in another country. NO ONE can take away your right to vote.
    I have lived outside USA almost half my adult life ... and I always vote in Presidential elections. Contact US Embassy/Consulate where you are for information on How.
    The Voice of Negativity is always the loudest when most anxious! Keep the positive vibes going. peace to you, Ellizabeth

  2. I'm so glad that my personal voter registration drive is working! And if you are interested, I have a couple of baby sweater patterns in sock yarn that you could use the banana color with - babies don't care.

  3. I have lots of yarn that looks awesome all rolled up- or on the computer screen-and then I get it and waaahhhh. SO ugly and so not what I thought it would be! Good luck on that voting thing.

  4. Those hats are gorgeous! And we're just moving into late autumn here in Canada - the trees are past their peak, most of the geese have flown south, and people are starting to dig around in the backs of their closets, looking for their mittens and hats. Not that we're actually WEARING them yet, we just want to know where they are. Just in case.