Friday, 19 October 2007

Drunken Knitting

Well, I made some pretty good headway on the second Aran last night. I was going to finish the phone sock, but figured I'd leave it for the moment so I would have something to do when on the phone. I don't want to risk the Arans.

Which brings me to knitting when tired. Someone ought to invent a gadget that tells you if you are too tired to knit. I'll be knitting along, knowing I'm tired, but not wanting to quit, especially as I'm utterly convinced that I am doing everything correctly. So I continue to knit and knit and knit. Suddenly I look at my work, only to realize that something has gone completely haywire. I used to blame this on my knitting ability. Now I know it's not. These are mistakes I made because I was too tired to knit. I feel like the drunk who is convinced that he is still fully capable of driving when, in reality, he's two sheets to the wind and about to fall out of the boat. Now we ask ourselves, should a person in this state be allowed to not only possess and hold, but wield two sharp pointy sticks? Is this wise? Should we have knitting licenses with tiredness limits? Should there be knitting police?

Oooo! Knitting police. Now there's an idea. They could not only save us from knitting when we're tired, but knitting things they know are not going to work, will look horrid on the person we're knitting them for, should not be knit in THAT yarn, or are of a colour that will make future generations spew at a glance. Think of it! If we had had knitting police in the 70's all of those tightly knit tunics with belts in bile yellow, poop brown and dirty orange would never have come into existence! What a service that would have been! Maybe the Swiss Fondue Police (who come around making sure you are stirring your fondue properly) or the Paper Recycling Police (who are there to make sure you do not put your old paper out for collection before 6am on pick up day) would be interested in collaboration.

But I digress. The reason for all of this is that I did that last night with the Arans. I suddenly realized that I had knit the same 6 rows twice. It did not look attractive. Even if it had, it wouldn't have matched the other pair. Thus, we Frogged. If Frogs were only Princes...

I am hoping to get them finished this weekend, as I am fickle. Now that I've got the hang of the arans, I'm wanting to get started on the Snickets I found whilst hunting for a pattern for my aunt's commission socks. So many things to knit, so little time!


  1. Switzerland! You get around! My husband went to high school in Switzerland - Geneva to be precise. (And knitters are nothing if not precise. We HAVE to be. Otherwise the knitting police will come and take us away...)

    Thanks for returning the visit. As to the whole 77 days issue:

    If I can't go to Rhinebeck (much gnashing of teeth ensues) I have to do SOMETHING to keep me busy...


  2. What is it called in english? Knitters denieal?? We keep on kitting, allthougt we know, really know, that it's no good...

    Laila in Biel,BE

  3. You are SO FUNNY! You very accurately describe so many evenings of knitting for me. Too funny...

  4. Aww! I haven't been in the blogging mode much lately and hadn't checked my blog for a while. So I just discovered your comment. I so comisserate with your comments about the Aran socks.Reading through your blog brought back memories for me....not particularly happy ones. I must have frogged those stupid socks at least five times. I'd kind of forgotten about that part because I am soooo happy with them now!

    I'm not sure what to tell you about the heel flap. I didn't manage to reverse of all the stitches in the back correctly. I tried purling through the back when the "in the round" instructions had said knit throught the back. I'm not sure if that helps. I can tell you that I can't tell a different really between the "through the back" stitches and the regularly knit ones.

    Anyway, I do wish you luck and don't give up. I even cast on a new pair a couple of night ago, but then I wimped out and decided to knit an easier pattern.

    You've really run the gammit of places to live! Much of my family is from Fresno. It used to be a nice place to live but was always HOT! In fact, we usually go to Morro Bay just because it often nice and cold and foggy just for the contrast.

    I'll come back and visit you. Good luck with your socks.

  5. I'm thinking something like a breathalizer, but it would measure your tired to stitches ratio or something. :D

    Sorry about the sock. I have been there dude, I have been there.