Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Should we be stashing our yarn in the fridge?

I was thinking about Inkystick's question in our Ravelry SPEW forum the other day and something occurred to me, either that or I read it somewhere and it just popped into my head masquerading as an original thought. I can't imagine being the first person to think of this.

Your yarn stash is like your refrigerator. You go to it wanting something but you don't know what, you look in, you search, you stare, you realize you're wasting energy and shut the door on it again. Then you realize you're still hungry, you go back, you stare, you move things around, have a squeeze or two and then you realize you have three courses of action: A. Finally take something out just because you want something. B. you go to the store and get more interesting things. C. You call up the delivery guy and get a pizza. The yarn equivalent being on-line shopping of course.

The question is, should we just save ourselves the trouble and stash the yarn in the fridge? Seriously, think about it. You'd have much less room for food, ergo fewer calories in the house, you'd be saving energy because yarn doesn't need to be cooled and you'd be saving space in your other rooms. Sometimes my genius scares me. - Coincidence that I work just 800 meters away from the local psychiatric hospital? I think not.


  1. LOL! You are so clever! What a good idea and it's so true!

  2. *sniggle* Is this a way to justify adding to the stash? Think of yarn as food? :D