Friday, 16 May 2008

I'm not quite that fast

Since a few people seemed to be under the impression that I knit everything in my last post over night, I thought I’d point out that several of those things were done long before last weekend. I just hadn’t posted pictures of them yet. I’ve actually done relatively little knitting in the last week or so. Case in point, I managed to finish a toe and cast on the second of the Tulip socks last night and that was it. Usually I would have finished the toe, cast on and knit several inches of the new sock. I have become slow of late.

I might have gotten a bit more done, but I wasted time trying to get pictures of the finished Tulip sock. They turned out so bad that I deleted all of them. This is a project that requires natural light to be photographed, so it will just have to wait until this weekend sometime, if it stops raining that is.

OK, I might also have gotten more done if I hadn’t been watching Jane Eyre. In my defence, it was the part whole will they won’t they and what’s behind the door thing. How can you knit when that’s going on? You can’t. It’s just not possible.

It’s also summer which means I’m now getting up to walk the dogs before work. This means a 5 am alarm until a week from now when it becomes 4:45. Can you hear the groaning? Still, it’s better than walking them after work when it’s still warm. The point being I need to be in bed by 10:30, so knitting time is very limited.

Oh yes, and I would have knit even more had my dog not decided that he’d try tea for a change and stolen a box of 50 tea bags from the counter while I was at work. 50 tea bags all over the floor. Apparently he decided that raw tea is not a good thing, which if fortunate because none of the bags had holes in them *insert prayer of thanks here*, but they were still scattered everywhere and it took some time to clean up his mess.

Looking back on all of this, I have determined that the knitting gods are conspiring against me. They must be because think of all of the knitting I would have gotten done had all of these things not been an issue.

Finally, I forgot to post a pic of my new stitch markers:

Thanks Tarita!


  1. Super cute stitch markers! I love the little charms :)

  2. Sorry that there's a pink bead on one of those. I seriously very nearly didn't choose those ones because of that!

    You mean you can't knit an entire sweater in one day?! THE SHAME THE SHAME. :P

    Also, I think I forgot to comment on your last post, but I'm loving your Tulip Socks.

  3. Hear hear on the tulip socks- so cool! And what cute little stitch markers! You still sound like a lot faster than me in the knitting and finishing dept! I'm really slowing down now I have kiddies under foot all day!