Thursday, 8 May 2008

No Pictures

As simple as Ravelry is, and as easy at it makes things to document your knitting, it’s really quite a lot of work when you think about it. Granted, it’s voluntary, but I’m just Hermione enough to feel compelled to do everything correctly. If I don’t, I get upset with myself. I do need to let the inner Ron out more. Oh wait. I’m doing that. The state of my apartment will corroborate. Ron takes care of the housework. That tells you how much you really want to visit me, or not.

Must take pictures this weekend. Must. I have a couple of FOs and some wool I need to photograph. The ZZ Scarf and hat are done and I need to photograph those and send it on. The scarf rolls in on itself, but I think it looks good that way. Plus, it’s meant as a spring/fall (in California) scarf, so it doesn’t need to be able to keep blizzards out.

Plus, I’ve finished *insert drum roll here* the phone socks that I’ve been working on. I cast those on in February. It’s May. Over 2 months for a pair of socks. Ouch. I’ve just CO another pair of phone socks since they are just a must for those half-concentrated knitting sessions, but I must get them done a little quicker this time.

I’ve also CO the Twisted Tulips socks (another thing I need to photograph) and have a whole inch done! That’s more than it sounds like because it takes a while to get anywhere with them. Theses are not beginners socks. At All. Not that they are impossible, or really even seriously difficult, just complicated and you have to pay attention. The paying attention part is the real challenge for me since I possess all the powers of concentration of a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel with Attention Deficit Disorder. Still, I’m stubborn and that tend to make up for it a lot.

I do, however, deserve a medal for particular bravery, courage and perseverance – The Purple Ball of Wool, so to speak. I actually went into the LYS *insert another drum roll, this time bigger and louder here* and came out with nothing more than I went in to buy! *dramatic gesturing* It was difficult – the bamboo sock yarn was veritably screaming my name with the aid of a bull horn, but I did it. I put it down, purchased the Tulip yarn and left. I then went home and lay down for several hours until the dizziness passed. The recuperation time was enormous, but I am proud of myself. The question is, will it get easier or more difficult next time? I don’t aim to find out soon. I have enough yarn in my stash. I have enough yarn in my stash. I have enough yarn in my stash…

This is especially important to remember since I have a four day weekend coming up and would have time for the LYS. I am, however, planning on letting my Inner Hermione beat up on my Inner Ron a bit whilst trying to get a few things in the apartment cleaned and sorted.


  1. You need to talk on the phone more, then those socks would be finished. I cleaned up my office/workspace/guestroom for houseguests that ended up not being able to come last weekend after all, so I was forced to do something I've been avoiding. Maybe I can get them to pretend to visit every month!

  2. Another 4 day weekend? wow. Thats pretty awesome. I finally finished sa pair of socks, took a month but seemed like forever.

  3. Congratulations on making it out of the lys with your virtue intact! I actually have enormous trouble ever buying anything at the lys, because I get so overwhelmed by the possibilities that I can't choose anything. I understand this is a rare condition, however.

    I love your "inner Hermione and inner Ron"! (I, however, am burdened by both an inner and outer Hermione, with no Ron in sight.)

  4. I've started the tulip socks a couple of times, but I'm with you; they take concentration. Maybe I'll try them this summer.