Thursday, 15 May 2008


Summary of last week of my life:
Yep. That’s about all we did. OK, I did clean on Friday and ran errands on Sat. but after that I caught the cold of doom and became one with my couch / hammock until yesterday. The dogs got their exercise and that was it. As you can see, they were happy with the situation anyway you look at it. Especially as the weather was nice, even by my standards, and we spent a lot of time on the balcony vegging.

But looky what I got! I have such nice friends! Friends who know me well, no less. I drink a lot of tea, so these were appropriate. They’ve also already been in use. Thanks again Thepinksheep!

Due to the cold of doom, I’ve done very little knitting in the past few days. I did finish a couple of blanket squares, worked on the Tulip socks and CO a new pair of phone socks, but that's it. This time there are pictures:

The blanket squares:

The Tulip Socks:

ZZ Scarf and hat commissioned by my aunt:

Last but not least, the Vanilla Cream Phone Socks:


  1. Pretty good progress for being sick! The dog looks well rested...

  2. wow. you've been busy. I need to get working on some squares! first, i need to buy some washable yarn.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now. Nothing worse than a cold in spring.

  4. You are welcome!

    I really like that first square a lot.

  5. Does that dog have its head resting on a cat?