Sunday, 17 May 2009


I finally finished the sleeve and I don't actually want to frog it this time! Oh the relief. I do believe that I've knit this sleeve at least 4 times in total. I've never frogged so much in my entire life. For a while, it seemed like I'd knit 2 rows and frog 4. I was beginning to despair and think of giving up. However, I persevered and this is the result.

It might not be perfect, the bit after the cuff could be straighter and the bit around the cable flatter, but frankly I'm not sure I'd have the skill to fix this, even if I did have the patience. I might be more bothered about it if I thought people would notice it when it's on, but I don't think they will, so I'm leaving it.

Oh yes, the cable bit is also not a "good" cable, as in it's not the way cables are supposed to work, but there wasn't much I could do without having the cable beginnings look really funky. I had to hide the behind the existing cables at the beginning and ends, so the rest of the pattern doesn't go under and over as it should.

Now I just need to knit the second. I also need to pray very hard. I have 3 skeins and a bit of yarn left. I weighed the first sleeve and it's 160g, which is 3 skeins and a bit. I'll also need to have a bit of yarn to sew the sleeves to the body. I hope there's enough. Funny, I usually have way too much yarn because I'm afraid I'll run out. I hope I don't run out and make my mania worse.


  1. It was worth the work, it looks great. If you run out of yarn, you could take the cuff out and use the hem, and replace that with another coordinating yarn, no one will see, or if they do it will look planned. I often use a lighter yarn on the hems anyway.

  2. I think the cable looks just fine.

    Don't worry if you don't have enough to sew it up. I had that problem with one of my sweaters, and I bought a skein of cotton (the sweater was a wool/silk blend) that was not even close to the grey of the original yarn and it worked out just fine.. unless you're wearing the sweater inside out, no one can tell

  3. Oh, it's such beautiful work you do! I wish I could knit, but alas, I can only admire the skills of others.

    You left such a thoughtful comment on my Great Expectations post, and I appreciate you stopping by. I see that you're reading it (have read it) as well by looking in your sidebar. I look forward to discussing more books with you, as I can give nary a hint on knitting.