Friday, 8 May 2009

Spot the Flaw

Having finally finished the sleeve (maybe), I laid it out flat on the table, which is next to the couch upon which there are two wool blankets and a cat couch, to photograph it. Can anyone else spot the major flaw here?

Meet Sydney, one of my cats. She's was once kicked around and neglected and is now afraid of every other human on the planet but me (which can be really annoying). She also once disappeared from home for 2.5 months (although I don't think that was intentional on her part). She also usually sits next to me and meows a lot while I'm knitting (also really annoying). I now know why. She is slowly plotting to take over me, my knitting and my stash. I just hope she never meets The Brain or I am doomed.

The sleeve was definitely not intended as a cat bed.

What I had intended, was this

I wanted to show you the shape of the sleeve. I'm not sure I'm happy with it. I should have started increasing every 3rd row just after the cuff and not after the cable thingy. I'm kind of thinking I should frog the whole sleeve and start over. Don't you think? Advice anyone? Opinions?

Very randomly, my current favourite commercial just came on. I just love that chicken. It really looks like a happy chicken, even if the ad is really ridiculous.


  1. very cute ad, you don't even need to be able to read German.

    I hate to say it, but I think you are right about the frogging. You'll be happier.

  2. My cat peno is the same, very shy and wants utter domination over my knitting. Though she's not as bad as Rocky, who likes to steal yarn, especially when it's still attached to the needles.

    As for the sleeve, I would frog. I have to do the same with a project I'm working on and I'm not very happy about it.... I read my own directions wrong and decreased every fifth row instead of every sixth and now it doesn't match the other sleeve.... I was this close to being done too!

  3. Is it baggy when you try it on (right where you think you should've started the decreases)? It looks like might be. :/ I'm going to say the awful thing of yes, I think you should frog and start the decreases earlier. I love the cable motif you added to the sleeve though! And LOL about Sydney.