Tuesday, 17 July 2007

At a Loss

Oh dear. Now that Dad's sweater is done, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to start next. I'd love to do myself an aran sweater, but can't really afford it at the moment. I am doing socks. I've always got socks on nowadays for phone/doc/physio time. I used to be a one project person, but that changed when I started doing more complicated things that I need to concentrate on, i.e. cannot knit in public for fear of suddenly and loudly spewing expletives when I've made a mistake (20 rows back). I mean, it's bad enough when I mess up the gusset on a sock during my physio sessions, if I tried to take an aran project, they'd wind up banning me from every medical facility in Switzerland as a precautionary measure for the other patient's safety.

I'm going to have to go delve in my stash to see what I feel like knitting. Maybe I'll do a few hats for charity or something until I figure out what to do. Can't go wrong there, can you?


  1. Thanks Canute. I will do that. I think I tend to pull my knitting to meet up where I want it. That causes a bit of problems. :)
    Also, I am not sure where to start measuring...top of needle or below the needle?
    Your socks look great, so you must know.

  2. The pattern is actually quite easy. Row of knit and then a row of inc and dec. Repeat. You would have no problem with it.
    Only a couple times I forgot an increase and had to tink back to it.

    Oh, and by matching I meant their length not the colors. As you can see from my previous pair of socks I am not to anal about the sock color patterns matching. :)

  3. I seriously envy your ability to not know what to knit. I usually am thinking about five projects ahead of me, eager to start them all (hence my cast-on-itis). I really am glad too that you have seen the real merit in having more than one thing to knit at a time. And you thought me crazy! ;P