Wednesday, 18 July 2007

OK, in a desperate bid to solve my "not knowing what to knit" dilemma, I've ordered more sock needles. Smart, wasn't it? There is a method to the madness though. This way, I can not only have one set of telephone/doctor/physio socks, I can have Jaywalker or similar on the needles for when I'm craving something other than ribbing.

Never, ever give someone a pair of hand knit socks.

Last year, my aunt swore to kingdom come that she could not wear wool socks. They're itchy she said. She has sensitive skin, she said. Ergo, I knit some for my grandmother, who I knew would wear them. Then, I asked my uncle if he would wear my first ever pair of socks which turned out too big for me. He snatched them up (mostly because they were from me, but I digress). My aunt picked them up, looked at them, and said "these aren't itchy. I rather like these". So, I knit her a pair while I was there AND she absconded with the ones I gave my uncle as they were too warm for him. Meantime, my grandmother is telling me that she has worn hers five days in a row and doesn't want to wash them because then she can't wear them any more. This means that I need to do more for grandmother and more for my aunt, plus socks for me ('cause I need them as Switzerland gets a bit colder than California EVER will). Then I found the cotton ones and made a pair for Uncle as a replacement for the too warm ones confiscated by Aunt. Grandmother and Aunt will want a pair too. Ergo, I've become a sock knitting hor. Now if I get the second set of needles, I'll finish them even quicker. Nice logic, eh?

I'm still hankering to do another sweater. Someone please tell me I'm too poor to do this. Maybe I could do Dad's Sweater again only a size larger. I almost have enough yarn left over for that. I'd only need another 10 skeins at $3 a skein. Wonder if they still have the same dye lot...

Well, there's always the dog sweater to look forward to. Got to do one for Aunt's dog. Don't ask. It's not pretty. It's a duty thing. At least she's not a Great Dane. I'd need more wool for them than for Dad.

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  1. If only you weren't in Switzerland!
    How fun would that have been?

    It looks like I have one person willing to join me.

    Tomorrow, tomorrow. I am getting very excited!