Tuesday, 24 July 2007

More Socks

Another Christmas pressie down! Finished Grandma's cotton socks, partially thanks to thepinksheep. I got most of the foot done while chatting to her last night. It was fun! Must do that again, yes?. I have to mention here that William was being an absolute doll while Mommy was on the phone. He gurgled a lot in the background, and fussed just a bit, but otherwise was as good as gold. *pinches Williams cheeks* Oh he's so going to hate me when he gets older! Anyway, the socks are done. The pics are pre-washing, so they still look a bit wonky. I need to get a plastic foot or something to model my socks. It's impossible to get a good pic while wearing them, especially when you cannot bend your knee. Just for the record, the colour is truer in the upper picture. For some reason it all went blue when I got closer to it. Probably just the cheap camera.

I also got my new needles, so I can work on several pair at one time. I've restarted the Jaywalkers and will need to start a new pair of normal socks this week before I make any phone calls. Knitting during physio is not really possible since I've moved on to ultrasound therapy and I do that myself. I can still get a bit done while I've got the electric thingy hooked up, but not much.

Speaking of knees, I think I might have re-injured it a bit on the bike at physio today. It hurts and the joint has more fluid in it again. I can't bend it as much as I could yesterday.

I think I'm going t continue to float along on socks for the moment and see if inspiration hits at some point. I might come up with something I don't need new yarn for. Maybe.

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  1. BWAHAHAHA! Love the dedication. After i realized how long we were on the phone for, I was shocked at how well behaved William was! And yes, must do again.