Friday, 20 July 2007


I just ripped out a whole evening's worth of sock. I started on the Jaywalkers with size 3mm needles and decided I really didn't like it. Too loose. I've now CO again with size 2, but I'll have to wait until my new needles get here before knitting them. Not that this means a great loss of time since I'm going to go get DH tomorrow and will not be knitting until that's been read anyway. So basically, if they get here tomorrow, I might start knitting them on Sun.

Just as info, I did order shorter ones this time. The ones I'm using now are 100cm and they fling around a bit when pulling them through. This explains how I managed to stab myself in the eye. They basically flung themselves in. The new ones are only 80cm, so less chance of that happening. Note, I said less, not no chance.

Oh, and for anyone who's reading this and doesn't know me, I only knit on circulars (continental style). I don't see the point in having both types of needles. Plus, I kept whacking the cat with the straights and was beginning to be afraid of kitten brain damage.

Off to physio soon where I will continue to look odd while knitting and doing physio simultaneously. Oh well, you should never pretend to be what you aren't anyway.

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