Monday, 9 June 2008

Aprés Weekend

The Cat’s Paw Shawl is finally finished! It was a fairly easy knit, as long as I was paying attention and the chart was right. We’ll just gloss over those two conditions and say it was an easy knit, shall we?. Good. *glosses* OK, when I say it’s finished, that’s not quite true. I’ve finished knitting it, but I want to put a beaded fringe on it to jazz it up a bit. The child it’s for is a girly girl and will love it. I spent several hours putting the fringe on last night and tonight I’m set to start the beads. I am under no illusion that that will be a quick process. There are two beads per fringe and there must be 100 pieces of fringe per side. I’m not even certain I have enough beads to finish. I can get more though. This is the project thus far:

The beads themselves are nice. They are blue, but an opaque, milky type blue that changes colour a bit. They give the otherwise plain shawl a bit of colour. I’m also planning on getting a cat pin to use to pin the shawl together in front. That should look good, I think.

As soon as I get the beads done, or get tired of doing them, I’m going to cast on the Candle Flame Shawl (link on right for those interested) and get that started. Then I need to think of something for a swap I’m doing. I won’t say any more on that since I don’t want my Swapee running across this. It’s a surprise. I also need to work on the current phone sock and I want to start knitting with the new cotton sock yarn I got last week.

That brings me to the SEX I failed to mention. I was only supposed to be a “go get yarn for Candle Flame Shawl” expedition, but I ran into a couple of skeins of sock yarn that were begging to be tried. *sigh* I am such a sap. Must not go to yarn store ever again. At least I got the shawl yarn on sale.

Oh, I also need to work on my squares. I’ve still got at least 5 to do. So much knitting, so little time.

The dog hasn’t yet been forgiven for the jacket incident, but I am speaking to him. I’m contemplating sending him out begging or making him give small children rides in a wagen or something to make up the loss of said jacket, which was virtually new. I was just going to cut out his food and treats until he made the cost up, but I’m afraid the animal welfare offices would not have taken kindly to that measure. If you see a Great Dane with a bucket and I sign saying “disgraced” on it standing on the corner any time soon, it will be T. Please give generously. :P

NB: The above was just for fun. I have no intention of starving my dog. I might throttle him, but I will never starve him.


  1. The shawl looks like just the thing for a girly girl. There was a little miss sunshine style pageant at the hotel is was in over the weekend. Scaaaary.

  2. Awesome shawl there, the beads sound just right for it. And the dog and pony show sounds just the ticket for baaaaaaad little doggies .

  3. I am surprised the dog didn't fancy eating the cat paw shawl instead of the jacket. I guess you could say he just had good taste although I would have been just as upset and may well have considered legal ways to seek compensation. There would have to be a heck of a lot of begging from the dog to garner my forgiveness.
    Love the shawl.