Monday, 2 June 2008


Someone pointed out that there is a dog at the end of the rainbow. They were right! T has always been a bit of a Leprechaun at heart. Wonder if there is any such thing as an Irish Dane.

Knitting remains slow. I was too busy uploading all of my CDs to do a lot of knitting. I got a few rows of the Cat’s Paw Shawl done. Again, it’s lace. It will be the bane of my existence. I will get it done and swear never to do another lace project again, all the way until the next one pops up. I did finish a phone sock last night, so go me. I also cast on the second sock, so go me again. Finishing it, however, did point out another disadvantage to lace:

Sock toes require decreases, ergo, k2tog and ssk. That’s fine. I’ve been doing those since I learned to knit just over 2 years ago. Unfortunately, lace knitting often requires a yarn over after every k2tog and ssk. Note to self: A Sock Does Not. Sock decreases with YOs are not effective and do not add to the functionality of said sock. They just leave a hole and holes in the toe of a sock is not a good thing. They are something we even usually strive to avoid in socks. Socks with holes go into the bin. Somehow the idea of knitting a sock just to bin it doesn’t seem very appealing to me. Despite this knowledge, every single time I decreased I tried to add a YO. Fortunately, I think I managed to catch myself every time. I didn’t specifically look for them, but I’m fairly certain there are no holes where there shouldn’t be, otherwise the toe wouldn’t be narrower than the rest of the sock, would it?


  1. Isn't it interesting how our brains switch to automatic pilot? It may be a good reason for project monogamy, but not good enough for me!

  2. Hey, thats a horse, not a dog in that pic. I have a car that just drives to the store whether I want to go there or not, I usually snap awake when I'm waiting to turn into the parking lot.