Friday, 6 June 2008

Dog Looks for New Home

Can anyone tell me how large a triangular shawl for an 8 year old child (who eats Miracle Grow for breakfast) should be? Anyone? Please? It currently goes around my shoulders and meets in the front (and I am a plump person), but doesn’t leave much extra. I have a feeling it will “grow” when I wash it. I can’t be sure of that since I didn’t actually wash a swatch, but it’s 100% cotton and fairly stretchy. Instinct tells me it will grow. I’m assuming instinct is about as accurate as gauge, so I have a 50/50% chance of being right.

SPEW is doing a KAL with the theme of Sunrise and Sunset. I want to do the Candle Flame Shawl (see side bar for link) and am looking forward to starting it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to start on time, but that’s life. I’d like to get the other done first. Anyway, I originally wanted to do the Candle Flame with the lovely Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 EU, but I‘ve decided to go with a burnt orange cotton blend instead. I’m afraid the recipient will not like wool. Pictures of the yarn this weekend. I’m waiting for the light to get better.

Speaking of which, it’s been raining for the last week or so. Yay! I luvz it. All the rain means that it’s gotten cooler; bad for business, good for me! Unfortunately it also means bad light for pictures, so they will have to wait.

I had more to write, but the dog just ate my jacket and I’m now in a very miffed sort of mood. Anyone want a dog?

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  1. I would love some rain to cool it down here. :)

    The candle flame shawl sounds nice.
    I have to go and find out who my spew recipient is. They have been sent out?