Thursday, 12 June 2008

Because I always finish everything twice

I'm finished! Again it's the Cat's Paw Shawl and this time I'm finished with the fringe.

Both of these are pre-blocking, but don't worry, I won't be finishing this for a third time.

This is one of the few projects I'm actually quite happy with, ergo posting about it 57 times. I'm please with how it turned out and think the recipient will be pleased as well.

That's pretty much it. Like I said, I'm just pleased with this.

I suppose I might add that the European Striped Ass still lives. I haven't starved him or worked him to death yet. I might though if he doesn't watch it! :P


  1. What a beautiful scarf. It really does look like cat's paws. I just can't imagine myself actually finishing such a fine-gauged project.

    I just read your post about knitting in hot weather! Yikes! You're so right, and tomorrow is "Knit in Public" Day. At least my knitting group is planning to sit where there are trees.....and a Cold Stone close by.

  2. Your cat's paw shawl looks fabulous! How large did it end up being after blocking?

  3. I'm having a done this before moment, I keep trying to post and blogger kills me! anyhoo- I've written you three novels already and now I'm outta words. nice shawl. the other stuff I wrote was much wittier.

  4. That turned out beautiful. And omg all that beading! That looks more tedious to me than the knitting.