Monday, 28 July 2008

Finished Product

Thanks to all of you who sent me an opinion on the Candle Flame Shawl border. I really do appreciate the input, especially as I am designed and taste challenged. Since just about everyone was for keeping the border, I ripped it out...and then re-knit it the same way only starting at the narrow point of the pattern instead of at the wide point. It looks much better this way. I also used smaller needles than for the body of the shawl. That made the “scallops” look less floppish. I finished knitting, weaving in the ends, washing and blocking it this weekend. Blocking was incredibly easy. I just washed it and hung it up on the line with a clothes pin on every scallop. Worked like a charm. Now, for the finished product:

I liked the shawl so well that I’m going to do one for myself, only in blue. How could it be otherwise? I should have enough of my Rogue Sweater yarn left over to do one large enough. I might even be a bit quicker with this one since the yarn is thicker. Fat yarn is usually a bonus.

In the meantime, I’m working on a rather pretty scarf for myself. It’s the Falling Water scarf from Ravelry. I like the effect of the waves and yos that make it look like water streaming down with droplets on the side. Again, it is in blue. I can’t help it. I like blue. I keep buying blue. I really need to learn to branch out. However, in my defence, blue matches everything I wear since I’m usually wearing, you guessed it, some shade or other of blue.

No, wait, let me retract that. Today is probably the first day in the history of my life that I’m not actually wearing anything blue. I’ve got sage green Crocs, green pants and a brown t-shirt on. It’s a first; mark it in your calendars. I’ll spare you pictures of that at least.


  1. the candle flamed turned out beautifully - and did you plant matching nasturtiums just for the picture?

  2. Love it all. I did a pair of socks in that water pattern- in beige,kinda weird eh?