Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Can anyone out there tell me what I was thinking? Because I really just don’t know.

I knit a hat and a scarf for my aunt in the Four Seasons Carola yarn I got on sale (same yarn as the Candle Flame Shawl only in light blue). I liked this yarn and as it was on sale, I bought some more in dark blue when I went to pick up the extra I needed for the shawl. See, for the shawl I was thinking I would need 6 because I needed 2.5 for my aunt’s scarf, so I reasoned that 6 would be good for the shawl. I was wrong. I needed more. No biggie. It was a different pattern and I just figured it needed more yarn because of that. So, I went back to the yarn store and bought 3 more skeins of orange and 3 dark blue for my planned scarf. A week or two later, I realized that I would need one more to finish off the shawl and not wanting to actually GO to the LYS where I would be tempted by the sock yarn dept. beyond my endurance, I reached for my mouse to order on-line. Only when you order by mail, you pay $7 for the package and I didn’t want to pay $2 for the yarn and $7 for the package, so I thought about what else I needed.

Suddenly, I realized that I didn’t have enough of the dark blue to knit my scarf and what was I thinking when I only bought three skeins, after all, the shawl required 10 so it makes total sense that you would need 6 for a scarf, right? I ordered another three to make the whole order worth while.

I guess you’ve all spotted the error in logic by now. In my defence, I wasn’t thinking of all this at once. It was over a period of weeks and by the time I was ordering the one orange skein, I had forgotten that I only needed 3 for the scarf. Now I have too much yarn for my project and not enough for anything really big. I guess I’m going to have to make another scarf. I’ll find some victim for Christmas. Oh what? You already have 5 scarves? Oh sorry.

Oh, and I’ve just found (quite literally as I am multi tasking) the sock pattern to the scarf: River Rapids. I don’t think it’s the same designer, but the pattern is the same. I think I’ll use the lovely Merino I got from my friend Thepinksheep for Christmas. That yarn has been languishing in my stash waiting for me to find the perfect pattern and I think this will do nicely. Can’t wait to start them now! However, I must be good and finish off the bamboo socks and my scarf (I really need these for Fall) before I start on winter projects. I have cast them on on Ravelry though. That way I won’t forget.

I've also just joined the Classics Challenge (courtesy of Mariknits) and will be reviewing books from time to time. I know other people have started new blogs for this, but I'm going to reach the point where I can't keep up with all that I have, so just feel free to skip the book reviews if you're not interested.

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  1. It's amazing how much yarn you need for a project, huh? It always come out more than you think.

    Can you tell I am reading your posts backwards? Didn't realize that you found that challenge through me. Hee. :)