Monday, 14 July 2008

Randomness - Again

This weekend, or at least Sunday, was a knitter’s dream day. Excepting dog walks and toilet breaks, I spent quite literally the whole day listening to an audio book and knitting. I finished one and a half socks. Go me. I finished the pair of cotton socks I’d been working on in Four Seasons Cotton Stretch. They’re quite nice and I’m fairly certain I will like wearing them better than the other cotton ones I have. They’re stretchier and will probably fit better.

Then, because I was curious, I started a plain pair in the cotton bamboo I bought a few weeks ago. That. Yarn. Is. Fabulous. Fab I tell you. Soooo soft and so nice to work with, especially in comparison to the normal sock yarn I use, which wears like steel and keeps your feet warm. I’ve no doubt these socks will be warm, but they will probably be waaaaay too comfy too. The only fear I have is that they won’t be quite so hard wearing and I do wear socks. Still, I’m sure they will be comfy.

I’ve also been working on the Candle Flame Shawl. It’s getting there. Slowly, but surely. One day…

Also, a huge thanks to whoever sent us the nice, cool, rainy weather! It poured rain all weekend and it’s still 55°F and overcast out. It is supposed to get warm tomorrow and Wed., but should go back to rainy and cool for the weekend. Yay!

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  1. What kind is the cotton/bamboo? Sounds nice. how did the fly spray work out?