Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Randomness - Again

Something happened recently that hasn’t happened in a very long time: Not one, but two evenings in a row, I didn’t knit a single stitch. The world is still turning, so I’m working on the assumption that this isn’t really any big deal, it was just odd. Usually, even when I do have to do other things, I squeeze in a round or two of whatever my current project is, but it’s just been too hot to care, especially after having done a myriad of other things, like reinstalling 18 blinds and flyscreens on my windows after they were replaced. That was fun, or not.

Before any of the Californians say anything, I know. I’m glad I’m not there. Really glad and I send my sympathies. But even the knowledge that is worse where you are, was not going to make me knit despite the heat.

I’ve now had to ditch any of the heavy projects or projects made with wool, so the Candle Flame Shawl is on hiatus as is my Sooper Sekrit Project. I’ve started working on a cotton sock instead. Much better. Cool, light yarn is just the thing for the heat (coupled with lack of ariconditioner). I also like this new cotton yarn better than the other I had been knitting with to date. This figures since A: I have boat loads of the old cotton yarn and B: the new cotton yarn only comes in two colours I even remotely like. Ah well, that will force me to use the old, even if I’m not fond of the non-stretchiness of it.

By the way, should any of you think it’s odd that I work for an AC company, loath the heat, and yet don’t have and AC at home, it’s not really. There are problems with it or I would, guaranteed. The house I live in is too old, the electrics are ancient and my neighbours probably wouldn’t want the hum of the outdoor unit. Ergo, no AC. Must move to first world country, or possibly Scotland, or Canada, or Alaska…Anyone have any good job opportunities in those areas? :P


  1. Stay cool. I would blow over some cold air but, unfortunately, I have none here to share. Sorry.
    Wishing I was back in London. Not cold, but not stifling either. It felt like spring. :)

  2. I haven't been doing any knitting either, I really don't have any excuses, it's only been about 86 here. The knitting mojo has just left for a bit of a holiday so, I'm stuck here wondering what to do thats fun.Oh yeah, and my blog mojo went with it.
    it's gonna be a long summer.....

  3. I just returned from 5 days in Texas, where it was 99 and humid every day. there was AC, but one gets pretty darned tired of sitting inside all the time, doesn't one? MN was 70 and dry when I returned...