Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Knitting Update

Skimming through my entries, I realize I haven’t actually shown any knitting lately, although I do babble on about it quite a bit. There’s nothing really exciting to tell, which is why there has been no pictures. However, in the name of knitting, I’ll post them anyway:

I finished my Cotton Stretch Phone Socks (for me):

I started working on the Bamboo Phone Socks (for me), which I think I’ve already raved about:

I’m also nearly done with the Candle Flame Shawl:

I’m looking forward to completing that one just so I can see how it looks off the needles. I am a bit wary of the garter stitch edge on the top. I think I might do moss or I dunno. Something else. I just don’t care for the garter stitch.

Oh, and I also finished my Sooper Sekrit Project, but I can’t show you pictures because it’s, well, sooper sekrit, for the moment anyway.

In real news, I’m enjoying the calm before the storm, so to speak. It’s felt like fall here the last couple of days which has been very, very nice. It’s set to get back up there this weekend and stay like that for the following week though. I console myself with the knowledge that it can’t last too long since this is the end of July and high summer is over by mid-August (yay!).

Sparkly collar update: I tried wrapping aluminium foil around T’s collar, but the flies pretty much just laughed. Like with the homemade remedy, it kept them off part of him, but not off his nose, mouth and eyes, which is the worst. I may take Gabi’s advice and look into getting an anti-fly halter for ponies. That might help. Poor T. He’ll be glad when high summer is over too. He likes laying in the grass, but not when he’s covered in flies. Poor mite.

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