Monday, 7 April 2008


I’d like to thank whichever poor snowed in person who has been concentrating on sending their snow here. It worked. We got snow yesterday and last night. It started when I got up on Sunday morning to walk the dogs. It was still dark out, but I could hear the wind. Then when it had gotten a bit lighter, I looked out the window and Lo! It was white. Blizzard type white. Not that we really had a blizzard, but it looked a bit like it with the wind. Fortunately where I take the dogs for their walks, there is always less wind and we had a fairly nice early morning jaunt. We even got a nice walk in at noon because, although it had stopped snowing, it was still raining and people were still waiting for it to stop. Just as I got back to the car, the dog owners who realized that they could no longer force Fluffy to tie a knot in it were starting to go. I love it when it rains on Sunday. Keeps the crowds down and we get the place to ourselves.

Up where I live it continued to snow a little all day, but it didn’t really stick. Then last night, it started up again and by this morning there were several inches of very compact wet snow on my car. It was nice, aside from having to dig at 6am. It will all have melted by tomorrow, but still, it was nice to have it cold again. I’m also hopeful that the continuing cold will mean that we’re going to have a relatively cool summer. In 2003, the summer from Hell, it had already warmed up by March and never got cold again. I live in hope that this will never be repeated. I should have waited for an ice age to be born.

There is, of course, an added benefit to the cold: it makes knitting sweaters, especially ones all knit in one piece, much more comfortable. I’m down to the hem on the Eris and it’s all getting a little heavy and warm. I would not want to have to do this in summer. I’m still liking the sweater, although I wish there were a little more cabling to break up the monotony of the stockinet stitch and the wraps. It seems like it’s never ending. Still, it does make it all go a little faster.

I’ve also CO the Journey Cable Socks (see list of things to knit on right hand side of screen for the link) and these are just fun. It’s simple enough to be a relatively easy knit, but there is enough cabling to keep you interested. Add to that that the recipient will love them and they really are a great pair of socks to knit up. I foresee the knitting of several pair of these.

Unfortunately, this means that I have a pair of plain phone socks languishing on the needles. I really should continue with them, but I’m afraid I won’t until the Eris is finished. Poor phone socks. I used to love doing them because they were easy and now they’re boring. Cast away for more interesting knits before they ever even really get started. It’s terrible what we do to our old friends sometimes.


  1. Poor little socks.
    Yay! You finally got your snow and cold. Enjoy. :)
    (it was 85 yesterday here!Urg.)

  2. all I have to say is HA HA HA HA
    better you than me!!!!!!!!
    Shall we start an internet collection to send you to Anartica?