Friday, 11 April 2008


It’s Friday! The weekend is upon us and I have one whole weekend of nothing planned. This is fabulous in my opinion. Not that I ever have a lot of anything planned, but I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything at all, which is nice. Saturdays are usually akin to running the gauntlet and I get to skip that this weekend. This means I can use the time to scan for ticks (on the dogs) because they are in full bloody bloom. Nasty little creatures. Yet another reason to like cold weather. No ticks.

I am happy to announce that the never end hem of the Eris does actually end. It just takes a lot longer than I thought it would. This is because it’s actually knit in two directions, which is the first time I’ve done that. I had assumed that the hem was a separately knitted band was grafted on, alas, it is not. With the clever use of short rows, you knit down and then sideways. I’m not as happy with the sweater as I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it, but I think it would look better in wool. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that option, so I’m stuck with the other problems.

One of which is that the difference between knitting in the round and knitting flat is marked. The fabric looks almost bumpy where it’s knit flat, even though I got the same gauge for flat and round. I had this problem with the Rogue too (same yarn), but the darker colour is more forgiving for mistakes than the lighter one I’m using this time around. Hopefully I’ll be able to do something with washing and ironing. I’ve never ironed any of my knitting, but I think it’s time to try.

Another is, again, a yarn problem. This yarn really does not forgive difference of tension and you can tell exactly where your concentration lapsed. Again, I think I’ll be able to improve this by weaving in at the back. I’m hoping that enough fixing will make me happier with the sweater. I will say one thing; this yarn is really soft and comfortable to wear, so from that point of view, I know the recipient will love it.

The final thing that’s worrying me is the size of the collar. The sweater fits perfectly, but the collar is wider than I would like. It’s a bit better now that I have the weight of the sweater body pulling it down and I’m hopeful that it will improve even more once I get the sleeves on. I am hopeful.

I will eventually do this sweater again in wool because I really do like it. It’s pretty, but not to fluffy-like.

I will probably take another break this evening and work on the Journey Cable socks again. I’ve done a few rows this week, but not many. It’s still just as fun and I’m really looking forward to the finished project.

3.5 hours and counting…


  1. I like wide collars but it does depend on the rest of the sweater, NEED PICS!!!! I feel like like the days are just zipping by here, wasn't it just Friday?

  2. We have also already a large number of ticks. I hope you and the dogs have your shots.
    A friend tests a new "anti-tick" thing on her dogs. I let you know if it works.

  3. No, we don't. I just haven't really been convinced that those shots actually help. They're expensive and for the price they want, I'd have to be certain that it really is going to do something for me. I just keep picking them off and making sure I don't go into the bushes.

  4. I've worried about that wide neck as I look at the pattern. Pictures, yes. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  5. I hate ticks too. We don't have them much here, but when we go up to my parents' house in Humboldt County, we have to spend $$$ buying Advantage.

    I wish you had a pic of your sweater. You're always so up to a challenge. I need to branch out, but I always stay in my comfort zone...Ho HumI think I'll start another basic socks.