Friday, 25 April 2008


I should blog. I know I should blog, but I can’t think to write. That’s what working in an office does for you.

So, I give you:

My Weasley Package from my good friend Inkysticks:
Aside from being funny, it contained much joy from someone who knows me well. Then there were my Knit Picks replacement cables which I was expecting. Inkysticks is my KP pimp since they don’t cater to the international crowd. Hats off to Knit Picks who replaced them free of charge since all of mine are falling apart. There was TEA! White Plum tea. It is yummy. Very yummy. I drank a whole pot this morning. Good stuff. I recently subscribed to Interweave Knits hoping to get the Spring edition in which I knew there was a pattern I wanted. Unfortunately they informed me that they were out and my subscription would therefore start with the summer edition. Blah. So I opened the package expecting just the cables found My Very Own Copy Of the Interweave Knits Spring issue! :0) Apparently there were enough copies in Ca., but not enough at Interweave. My friend Inky took the trouble to go out and get me one and send it. There was also a lovely card which is now hanging on my wall. It made me smile and the whole thing was like Christmas in April. Thank you Inkysticks!

Eris. It is finished. Unfortunately I’m not happy with the fit, but I might be able to fix it, or at least help it along. I may leave some of the changes until after I’ve given it away just to make sure the recipient is ok with those changes. Since I know y’all will scream for pictures, here is a really bad one. I’ll try for better this weekend when we should have sun and better light.

Journey Cable socks. Me likey. I should finish the second one tonight or tomorrow. One more Christmas Pressie down, 50 to go.

My latest plan is to create my own cable for socks. I might start working on that this weekend. I think I’ll start by trying it out in a square for the remembrance blanket. That way I’ll know what I’m getting when I try socks, or if what I want is even possible. Should be, the question is more like, can I figure out how to do it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. I've had trouble with the Knit Picks cables, too, and I've heard other people have as well. Knit Picks always replaces them for free, which is great, but I'm hoping they'll do something about the cable join, and soon!

  2. Ya-hay!!! I'm glad the tea went over well and, of course, that the cables and magazine made it there safely. I still can't get over all those stamps the PO lady put on, lol.

    My latest Eris report goes a little like this: after getting the held stitches working again in the the yoke increases, I seem to have ended up with more stitches than I should have. However, if I've got the math figured out right (BIG if), I'm going to be short 22 stitches at the end of the remaining increase rounds. WTF.

  3. Oh, your Eris looks so pretty. It's so sad to finish something and not be happy with it.

  4. OOOO I love all the stamps on your package! And some bunny must love you!!! sorry, could'nt resist the corny..